A Law To Make Obama Obey The Law ?

The cowards in Congress are now trying to pass a law that requires Obama to obey the law. This would seem to be a supreme exercise in futility. The Constitution already provides a procedure for reigning in a president, who breaks his oath to uphold the law. It’s called “Impeachment.”

Much could be done, if the House would just convene impeachment hearings and publicly beat Obama over the head with his many on-going offenses. Holding impeachment hearings does not automatically mean they will start impeachment. It could just be a warning shot.

They had impeachment hearings for Bush very late in his term in 2008. But apparently the Republican Party bosses has ordered the zombie Republican congressmen to not even say the word “impeachment.” They often refer to it as the I-word like elementary school kids might do, when referring to a dirty word.

Properly done, impeachment hearings would rally public support for impeachment, which is already at 30%, a huge percentage, considering the media and politicians are doing everything they can to suppress the idea. Even a Democrat-controlled Senate will not be able to ignore public opinion, if a consensus develops that Obama has to go. The corrupt, Quisling Republicans are not trying to build that consensus. In fact, they are actively suppressing talk of impeachment.

The truth is Boehner and Republican leadership support an sovereignty-destroying amnesty, because their globalist string-pullers want it for the cheap labor and willing workers, whose social costs can be passed on to to the taxpayers. They just want to go though the motions of acting as if they don’t support it in order to placate their political base.

The bottom line is that the Congress cannot stop Obama from implementing an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and literally destroying the sovereignty of the US, unless they are willing to start impeachment proceedings. So, it is a great waste of time and effort to urge Congress to pass yet another law that requires Obama to obey the law that he will also ignore.

The same is true of the lawsuit that Boehner is supporting. It is just another diversion to placate the party base and delay having to address the issue of the president being lawless.

3 thoughts on “A Law To Make Obama Obey The Law ?”

  1. This is the biggest wast of time and money…. stupid… Americans are waking up to stupidity and self righteousness people like most the leftist and liberalism in the white house…!!!! We know his plans, but the American people whom get it right can’t fight it with funds…. It is people in mass amounts and making noise….. Americans are so busy trying to stay above water, and ake a living….AMENSTY would make our economy much burdensome…

    1. The plan is to import millions of eventual Democratic voters, so the progressives can not be removed from office again.

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