Progressive Rants about ‘National Impeach Obama Week’

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks rants about impeachment and rails against the Upcoming “National Impeach Obama Week” at about 1:20. To find the website, just Google for “Impeach Obama Week.” Come out and help us prove Cenk wrong about there being no support for it. You don’t have to be a Republican or Tea Partier, just someone who cares about freedom, liberty and the rule of law.

The protest is not actually a Tea Party event, though Tea Partiers were involved and certainly not a Republican event. Independents, constitutionalists, libertarians, anarchists some Democrats and a group of former Occupiers are also involved. A recent poll showed that 35% of Independents and even 13% of Democrats want Obama removed from office.

Ten broad reasons to impeach Obama were given to impeach Obama on the “about” page of the website. Cenk appears not to have bothered to look at the website, but just saw a post by another leftist group about it.

The point of the statement that he quotes is that our purpose is to organize impeachment protests to rally support for it and not argue with willfully ignorant knuckleheads, like Cenk, about why Obama should be impeached.

4 thoughts on “Progressive Rants about ‘National Impeach Obama Week’”

  1. I can’t believe a truthful man no matter what politics, religion etc., would go on and act like this buffoon. America has woke up Obama abusing his powers and not for the good of our country. All this man did was blow smoke out his well you know. Did he offer any reasons the charges couldn’t be true or we are just nuts. Exactly. Blowhard that doesn’t know a damn thing.

  2. He’s an entertainer, so he just says whatever he thinks will get the most views. I think it just helps a little publicizing the event.

  3. “REMEMBER:” When that fast talking con artist gets on national TV to try to show us all how good he is-THAT; He traded a several dangerous individuals for a treacherous deserter. He did a similar trade only a few years ago. He is directly responsible for countless preventable deaths of our finest troops, Benghazi and other premeditated maladies. Myself; “I wouldn’t be surprised to find he actually had his fingers involved in 911.

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