Organizers Claim James Neighbors Is Abusive To Women

Several female organizers for Overpasses for America have claimed recently that the Founder, James Neighbors, bullies, berates and abuses the state organizers, especially, if they are women. This is a statement posted by Erica Lampley on her Facebook page. See the original statement and images at this link.

The Truth about Overpasses “Founder.”

This is reportedly a screen shot of an obscene image sent to multiple female organizers, who had incurred Neighbor’s disapproval.

Phallic Cactus Award (warning offensive)


The following was posted NATIONALLY to the Overpasses For America-National Forum and to both the Maryland and Delaware chapters by the self-appointed “founder” of the organization, James Neighbors. As you can see by the screen shots, links to both my and Brandy’s PERSONAL FB accounts were shared to thousands of members with encouragement to “contact” us if they were inclined. It has resulted in harassing private messages from his followers. He did this because Brandy had not made his demanded Events for Overpasses- Delaware/Maryland due to some personal family issues and because I, acting on my own, chose to empty both Delaware and Maryland of members due to the information I’ve learned. I would not have been able to contact each individual member so I chose to protect them the only way I was able, by shutting the groups down. I unfortunately did not have the ability to do so nationwide or I would’ve done the same to those.

He has refused to give credit to the ACTUAL founder of the movement, Roger Ogden, and has instructed all state chapters to ban Roger and called him out as a “troll.” Neighbors has misappropriated funds from national donations, made excuses to justify his actions, and implied that he had permission from the now former national leaders to do so. It is believed he also took funds from at least one individual state chapter. I have documented conversations about the inappropriate use of funds that I won’t subject you to but can provide if asked. He accused Brandy of being mentally unstable and expressed in what can only be interpreted as a thinly-veiled threat that she was a danger to her children and that perhaps he should call Child Protective Services, all while harboring his ex-con father who was released from prison last fall after serving a sentence for Lewd Or Indecent Proposals/Acts To Child/Lewd Molestation. He also seems to have an obsession with cacti shaped like phallic symbols, which he frequently sends to Overpass members, particularly females, to show his displeasure.

The CAUSE of Overpasses is a good one. The “Leader” is not. He exhibits the exact tyranny and control his organization is supposed to be fighting against. In the interest of full disclosure, I present the above information to allow current and potential future members to make an informed decision on supporting HIM.

Thank you for reading.

Go to here Facebook page to see the images she posted, some of which are not very readable.

The Truth about Overpasses “Founder.”

These are screenshots verifying just some of the information I’ve learned-

5 thoughts on “Organizers Claim James Neighbors Is Abusive To Women”

  1. Thank you Roger for getting this information out there. Neighbors is finally exposed to thousands of his supporters and would-be supporters. I feel for these women who have incurred his wrath…he is a despicable person! And also feel for those who donated to him in good faith!

    1. He banned me from all the groups last summer, spreading the rumor that I was a “troll.” He obviously wanted to shut me up and make sure I had no say. I started this blog last October so that he could not control all the information.. He also did not want to help independent groups start up, which I was trying to do. If these ladies have their say, people can decide for themselves what the truth is.

      I don’t believe the protest effort has to be controlled by one person and that probably limits how big it can become, also. I think it would be better, if there were a number of different groups working towards the same end, to expose Obama and remove him from office. Obama may not be the only problem, but it is the logical place to start.

  2. I was given the phallic cactus award for disagreeing with him and also called a “libtard” when EVERYONE knows I am as patriotic as it gets. He is rude, chauvinistic and demeaning towards women and has NO idea how to talk to a woman. He is the VERY thing we fight against in the White house. He is no patriot.

    1. Have been wondering now and then what had become of Neighbors. He’s a total wacko and people would be well advised to not to be taken in by him and avoid associating with him.

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