Patriot Picnic I – The Short Version

Patriot Fire blogger, Roger Ogden, invited a small group of people to have a “Patriot Picnic” at Chicano Park on September 3, 2017 and then tour the anti-American murals there. It was to be a private visit, not a protest. The extreme leftists found out about it (by snooping). They falsely accused us of having a “Nazi” event and planning to vandalize the murals, in order to raise and incite a mob of 500+ to threaten us and deny access. We knew they were coming, but decided to go anyway as planned to expose their hateful intolerance. Mark Lane and Jesse Cannon are featured in this video.

The mob was raised by the Chicano Park Steering Committee, Union del Barrio, Anti-fa, the San Diego Free Press and other far-left and “La Raza” organizations. This is a public park funded by city, state and federal funds and we believe everyone should be able to use it in peace without being threatened with mob violence. This “Patriot Picnic” very much helped raise awareness of the extreme, anti-American nature of Chicano Park.

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