Chicano Park – Man Ordered to Lick Boots Of Black Racial Supremacists

A self-hating, guilt-ridden, white liberal was ordered to bow down and lick the boots of two Black Hebrew Israelite racial nationalists at Chicano Park in San Diego, an extremely anti-American park. The black nationalists are members of Sicarii 1715, a Black Hebrew Israelite cultic sect, based in San Diego.

This occurred on September 3, 2017, the day of the “Patriot Picnic,” when five patriots were driven out of the park for no reason by a violent La Raza mob of 500 persons. The five were there simply to have lunch and to view the anti-American murals, up close, in order to have a private, critical discussion of the murals. The person who scheduled the event was a known, pro-American blogger. News of the picnic was advertised only via private email. News leaked by a leftist, who had gotten himself added to the email list by deception.

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