Luis Gutierrez Booed/Jeered In Tucson At Illegal-Amnesty Forum

Tucson Amnesty ProtestAnother protest of subversive Congressman Luis Gutierrez took place in Tucson at Pima Community College. Below is a report by The Daily Ledger of One America News Network that contains some video of the protest. The main speakers were Congressmen Raul Grijalva and Luis Gutierrez, described as two of the most prominent supporters of mass amnesty for illegal aliens. The event was protested by members of two patriots groups, Riders USA of Phoenix and WTF of Arizona.

Luis Gutierrez has been touring the country promoting mass amnesty and illegal immigration for a couple of years, often holding events in Spanish. Gutierrez has a background of membership in Marxist groups. Many in the patriot movement consider him to be a subversive and anti-American traitor, who is promoting illegal immigration in order to permanently shift the tilt the balance of political power in favor of Progressives. They feel that he is blatantly promoting lawbreaking at these immigration forums.


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  1. Luis Gutierrez: Stop Your Hate and Lies in America – Return to Where Your True Soul Is – Where is That? It is NOT America! It is NOT America! Rhoda Gelman

    1. Gutierrez is a communist and Latino nationalist mix. Though he was born an American citizen, he would be most at home probably in Cuba or Venezuela under Hugo Chavez.

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