Fox Ridicules Skeptics of Obama’s Eligibility

Coulter and O’Reilly are just media whores for the quisling Republican establishment. Not sure why anyone still watches Fox News, owned by a pro-amnesty, foreign-born globalist and an anti-American, Islamic-culture-promoting Saudi prince. Fox is the fox guarding the hen house. They have done a lot of damage to the country by not reporting the whole truth about Obama. Try “One America News” at #208 on ATT U-verse for a little more truth. Fox dearly needs some competition.

This video is apparently from a couple of years ago when Obama released his fake, computer-fabricated, long-form birth certificate.

2 thoughts on “Fox Ridicules Skeptics of Obama’s Eligibility”

  1. Fox is the only media that gives you the truth. We can all rely on Fox. I can’t get through the day without watching a couple of hours, or more. It educates me.

    1. You are very much deceived. Fox gives you a much limited version. It is silly for conservatives to trust that shitty network. I would not completely trust any network, but especially not one with that much influenced from the Saudis. It’s a brainwashing job, not education, and the brainwashing has worked very well with a lot of people. I gave up on Fox years ago, when it became obvious that they would never get close to the truth. Telling part of the truth is still a lie.

      One America Network does a lot better, though they still don’t air everything, either. It’s better to get the news from the Internet. because they aren’t dependent on the FCC and neither so much on corporate advertisers or globalist owners.

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