Voting Republican Will Not Stop An Obama-Dictated Amnesty

Voting Republican will not stop Amnesty.
The Republican leadership is Obama’s silent partner in crime. A vote-Republican campaign may generate contributions to fill the coffers of your nonprofit, but it will not stop an Obama-dictated amnesty. Do not expect Republicans to keep promises that they have not made and will not even discuss. The Republican Leadership does not officially support leftist causes, but it is very telling that they do not actually oppose them, either.

The Republican leadership has also been corrupted and they actually want an amnesty. They pander to illegal aliens supporters, already. The Republicans just do not want to have to vote for amnesty and expose themselves to the conservative public.

By the way, Obama dictated amnesty for millions of illegal aliens already and the Republicans have done absolutely nothing about it. Not deporting illegal aliens is already an amnesty. The next step will give them documentation, so that they can legally work, obtain drivers licenses, receive healthcare benefits from Obamacare, etc at your expense.

Republican leaders like John Boehner, John McCain and Lindsey Graham and others support amnesty, homosexual marriage and other leftist causes. The Republicans already control the House and they could have prohibited spending money for a dictated amnesty long ago, already. They have not done this, because they do not have the balls nor even the intent to stand up to Obama. A dictated amnesty is already not legal and not constitutional. So, Obama would just ignore any spending constraints from the Republican-controlled House. When he is already breaking the law, what difference does breaking another law make to him, when the Republicans do not have the will or even the desire to enforce the law?

Republicans are prohibited by the Party Leadership to talk before the election about Impeachment, Obama’s constitutional ineligibility and other anti-Obama topics. They will certainly not do anything against Obama after the election, if they are not even allowed to criticize Dear Leader before the election.

Removing Obama from office is the only thing that will stop an Obama-dictated amnesty. The Republicans have already demonstrated by their silence and their inaction that they do not want to stop it.

The point is that, if you want to stop an Obama-dictated amnesty, you have to make the politicians describe how they will do that before the election and at least pledge to follow through after the election. The Republicans have not done that. Nor have they shown any real intention to to stop the dictated Amnesty or the forgotten parts of Amnesty that has already been illegally implemented by Obama with the silent acquiescence of the Republicans.

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