Obama On Dictating Amnesty: “No Force On Earth Can Stop Us”

At this point, I would say he is correct. Americans do not currently have the will to stand up and stop Obama from what will be the destruction of our sovereignty and constitutional system and he knows it. Whether the Republicans win the Senate, or not, by a small margin will ultimately not make any difference. They are not expected to win the super-majority (66%) necessary for conviction. They will not be able to stop his executive orders unless they are willing and able to remove him. Otherwise, he does not need their approval. It seems pretty clear that the Republican elites are not even interested in impeaching and convicting him. The lawlessness in Washington is really a bipartisan project.

Obama has already dictated amnesty in that most illegal aliens have no fear of being deported, due to Obama’s previous executive orders. The widening of this current amnesty will actually give millions of illegal aliens documentation for work and legal residency. This will encourage millions more to pour across the border, ultimately swamping our political system and making it a one-party, plutocratic system, ultimately controlled by international financial interests.

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