Biden Plans To Restart Refugee Caravans In Six Months

Biden is cited in this report as planning to revoke Trump’s restrictions on fraudulent asylum seekers in about six months after he takes office and restore the old asylum system, which was so easily abused by those who just wanted to enter the US illegally to work illegally or for other nefarious reasons. This will certainly revive the so-called migrant caravans from Central America.

He is discouraging people form coming at this time, because it will take some time to dismantle the Trump restrictions and restore the more lax, fraud-ridden, asylum system. Also, it would be a great embarrassment to him and animate his opposition, if huge caravans show up at our borders as soon as he takes office. So, he apparently wants to reopen the borders gradually over some months in a more orderly way.

Subtitled in English.

Biden Plans To Restart Refugee Caravans In Six Months – Bitchute video

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