Fox News Owner, Murdock: Illegal Aliens Are Natural Republicans

Foreign-born Rupert Murdock, the globalist owner of Fox News, declared during the 2012 election that illegal aliens are “natural Republicans.” He also said once that, if you discover your town has become majority Spanish speaking, you should just get used to it, because that’s the way globalization works.

Murdock’s business partner and part owner of Fox News, Saudi Prince Alwaleed ben Talal, is one of the half dozen most wealthy men in the world and is the biggest promoter of Islamic culture in the US and the world. Prince Alwaleed once bragged that it took him only one phone call to have the term “Islamic terrorist” banned on Fox News. Alwaleed’s American adviser, Mansour Khalid, mentored Obama as a student, helping him gain entrance to Harvard.

If you wonder sometimes why Fox does not go far enough, these are some of the reasons.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Owner, Murdock: Illegal Aliens Are Natural Republicans”

  1. I don’t see where Fox News has banned the phrase “Islamic Terrorists.” I would disassociate myself from listening to Fox if Rupert Murdock had actually made such a deal. Listening to the News anchors, I don’t see that happening.

    1. You haven’t been paying attention. They stopped using it years ago. I stopped watching them a couple of years ago, though, when I realized they were holding back on a lot of things.

      Blind loyalty to a network like Fox that is owned and controlled by a illegal-alien-loving Globalist and anti-American Saudi prince is, in my opinion, not the way to encourage the truth to be told.

    2. They are not news anchors, either, but entertainers. I am unfortunately old enough to remember what real news was like in the old days. The top entertainers at Fox are being paid $20-30 million per year. They are being paid by their bosses, the anti-American Saudi Prince and Globalist, not by the viewers. They care about what their bosses want, not the viewers. Fox has suppressed a LOT of information. Not sure how people can think that this is a pro-American network when it is owned by anti-Americans. Murdock would be be quite happy to have the US overrun with illegal aliens. I think it is a big problem that Americans do not even expect to get the full truth from their commercial “news” source and they are still loyal fans in spite of it. Let the Fox viewership fall by about half and then you may start hearing a little bit more truth from their talking-head entertainers.

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