Call For Arrest of CA Senator Huff (R) For Aiding Illegal Aliens

Aiding and abetting illegal aliens to stay in the United States and obtain employment violates federal law with a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. When states like California aid and abet illegal aliens nothing happens. In fact, the Federal Government helps them go against the law. However, when Arizona tries to ENFORCE the law, they are punished and viciously attacked by the Department of (in)Justice. They should all be arrested for conspiracy and treason, not just aiding and abetting illegals. Open borders is the cornerstone of the Progressive plan to gain permanent political control of the U.S. Contact Bob Huff (R) here.

For example, see this section of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act:

§ 274 (8 USC 1324) Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

This gutsy group of California citizens were meeting with an aid to the State Senator when they called for the Senator to be arrested and imprisoned. Our politicians are convinced that they are above the law. The laws are only for the “little people” in their minds. This is most epitomized by the lawless Obama White House.

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