SEIU: Amnesty Designed to Ensure Progressive Rule

It is not the immigration law that is broken. It is the will of the Government to enforce the law that is broken. The first Amnesty during the Reagan Administration in 1986 greatly increased the rate rate of future illegal immigration. When the law is not enforced is just gives illegal immigrants more reason to come. Obama created the current crisis on the border by an unlawful use of executive orders to stop deporting young illegal aliens. He is using this self-generated crisis to justify a halt to even more deportations and to provide more benefits to illegal aliens.

Obama’s failure to enforce the law puts US sovereignty in jeopardy. That is actually his goal to destroy US sovereignty ensure “progressive” rule in the US for the predictable future.

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The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has been one of Obama’s biggest supporters in contributions and campaign workers. Obama worked for the SEIU.

If those, such as Obama and the SEIU, feel secure in their power, they will certainly open the floodgates at the border and end American sovereignty, once and for all. Use of impoverished people to swamp a system in order to gain control is a tactic that has long been used by communists and other subversives in other countries.

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