Obama Declares He Will Dictate Amnesty (Video)

Obama is really, really angry that he is not being allowed to destroy American sovereignty as rapidly as his royal highness deems necessary. Therefore his kingship declares here in the Rose Garden his intention to dictate his own amnesty by he end of the summer. That the Congress does not do exactly what the royal crybaby wants justifies any action at all that he should want to take on his own. The crisis at the border will look like a trickle compared to that to come when Obama stops deporting most illegals and hands out work permits and other benefits. The entire world will see that as an open invitation to come to America illegally. Say “hello” to fundamental transformation of America. The vision is to make it just another impoverished third-world nation with our own petty, tin-horn dictator. Obama must be impeached, tried for treason along with his quisling collaborators in both parties and punished for his many blatant crimes.

Obama Says He’ll Order Action to Aid Immigrants

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