Thug Encounter – Impeach Obama Overpass Protest in Irvine, Ca (Orange Co.)

Impeach Obama Overpass Protest in Irvine, Ca (Orange Co.)

On February 8th a group protested in Irvine, California as a response to an attempted intimidation by one of Obama’s Brown-Shirt-like street thugs the previous week. There were about 15 persons, who took part. This protest was part of the Overpasses for America effort aka Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.


The previous week an Obama street thug tried to make the group leader — the diminutive, mild-looking lady dressed in pink in the photo above — feel as if he would run her over with his car, tore down a sign from the fence and displayed a case in a threatening manner that supposedly contained a gun. If that does not make your blood boil, what will?

This is actually an “assault” by the legal definition of the term, because the organizer was put in fear of bodily harm. The person does not actually have to touch the victim for there to be an assault. If there is physical contact, then that is legally a “battery,” not an assault.

Such thugs have repeatedly done this to impeach Obama protest groups in Southern California in a way that makes one believe that it is an organized campaign of intimidation by followers of the Gangster-in-Chief.

No photos of the thug encounter were taken, because the thug caught the organizer by surprise while she was alone as the first one to arrive at the event.


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