Citizens Defend Rights Against Leftist Tyrants in Campbell, Wisconsin

Members of the La Crosse Tea Party lead a vigorous defense of their right to effective freedom-of-speech protests against the tyranny of the City Board in the town of Campbell, Wisconsin. The City Board banned protests and even display of US flags on overpasses within the city limits in response to local protests for the impeachment of Obama.

This is an excerpt of an 11-12-13 Campbell Town Board Meeting in response to last month’s passing of an ordinance to prohibit signs, flags and balloons on an overpass on French Island. One of the La Crosse Tea Party members actually received a $132 citation for holding an American flag on a pedestrian overpass!

Two lawsuits against the city are being prepared. The nationally-known Thomas Moore Law Center is expected to file a lawsuit, if this should go that far.

The Scott-Walker battle in Madison spilled over to Campbell/La Crosse and still continues in this overpass protest controversy. Some information on the Dan Kapanke protest, mentioned in the clip, can be found here:

Crowd protests GOP budget, Kapanke

Protesters Rallying Outside WI Senator’s House Chanting “Recall”

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Here is the list of Board members:

Chairmen Scott Johnson 608-781-6840
Jeff Schroeder 608-769-0836
Pat Post 608-781-2197
David Lafond 608-783-5107
David Wilder 608-781-1676
Town Hall 608-783-0050

Address: Town of Campbell 2219 Bainbridge St. La Crosse, Wisconsin 54603

Citizens Defend Rights Against Leftist Tryants in Campbell, Wisconsin

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