The American Spring, EPIC Fail, Here’s Why

The idea that much of the government should be forced to resign and be replaced by some yet unknown group of people is an unconstitutional solution and a highly questionable course of action. It would likely end in a catastrophe for our country, even if it were practical to do, which it does not seem to be in the first place. Be skeptical and alert to the possibility of hidden agendas, by any would-be “great leader.” The concept of the American Spring follows the pattern of the Third World, not our own traditions.

However, public protest can be a positive thing. Silence is acceptance of Obama’s crimes, misdeeds and abuse of office. We should show publicly our opposition to the corrupt and power-crazed cabal currently in power. That is a worth-while goal, in itself. Protesting vigorously at home for the constitutional solution “impeachment” and conviction IS the first step and the right thing to do. Trust in the Founders and the Framers of the Constitution, not those who want to go along passively with the current subversion of the system OR those calling for a banana-republic-style coup. Changing public opinion and the way things are will take years of patient work. Start organizing for it now in small groups in your hometown.

This is what can be achieved in the near future. The media can be bypassed with impeach-Obama demos on overpasses or on street corners, demonstrating that there is massive opposition to Obama among the public. Obama can be further discredited. There is still much that can be done. Most people do not yet even know about these impeach-Obama protests. We can inform and inspire a large part of the public, if we keep at it.

We are not looking for a conservative messiah or to form a new, conservative cult of personality, but to discredit and remove the leftist messiah, who is currently in power, to help re-instate the rule of law and respect for the Constitution.

By the way, the caller in this radio interview is James Neighbors of Overpasses for America, formerly Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.

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