Hundreds Gather To Protest President Obama in Florida

Hundreds gathered at the World Famous “Sopotnick’s Cabbage Patch” In Samsula, FL, to hold a political rally to persuade people to impeach Obama, and speak their minds. Our camera’s were rolling while speakers from the organization “” gave speeches for their cause. “People are sick of it” says Joe Kilinsky, the groups Florida Admin.

This clip was produced by a 12-year old cub reporter. He may have exaggerated a little, but not as much as some others, lately. Excellent work, better than most of our professional reports. We need him to come out and cover our next event near San Diego.


Historical Note: The first protest on June 8th in Carlsbad, Ca was actually carried out by a group called Stop Obama Now – San Diego. Inspired by that event, which received wide exposure on the Internet, James Neighbors in Oklahoma started “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” about a week afterward and took the idea national.

Stop Obama Now – San Diego has existed since 2009 and has been organizing anti-Obama protests from the beginning (July 2009) and Impeach Obama Protests starting in August of 2010, including several Impeach Obama sky-banner flights around the country.

That James Neighbors took the ball and ran with it was fine. Not that he needed it, but he had our blessing before he did it. That is exactly what we have been trying to motivate people to do for nearly five long years without much support. We would like, though, for people to know about our prior work leading up to it. We have been doing Anti-Obama protests since it was mostly fingers and very few honks.

The overpasses demos did not just arise spontaneously out of nowhere. Read more on the early history at this link.

Impeach Obama Overpass Demos – How They Started

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