Obama – A Time for Uncivil Discourse

If a couple of known arsonists moved into your home and started arranging things to make a big fire, would you be civil to them? I hope not!

If you had friends in your home, who were not helping to stop the arsonists from burning down your house, would you be civil in your request to them for help? I doubt it!

So, why are people being civil to Obama and his followers. What Obama is doing is many orders of magnitude worse. There is plenty of reason to believe that Obama has malicious intentions in his taking as much control as possible of the government, usurping the powers of other branches of Government, not enforcing laws that he does not like, waging illegal wars, hamstringing our economy, turning much of the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood, etc, etc, etc. People should have started attacking him personally in the first campaign, but they were too timid and cowardly to do it.

Others may not believe that you take it seriously, unless you get excited about it. They need to here that “primal scream” as a warning that there is something wrong. There are a lot of clueless people out there, who will not know that Obama is a danger until people get passionate about it.

The danger is not in speaking up. The real danger is that Obama will be successful in his plans to take down America. Obama and his minions want you to be civil, so that they can continue to subvert the system. Don’t let the bastards do it. Call them out!

2 thoughts on “Obama – A Time for Uncivil Discourse”

  1. I have been crying all over the eastern US. If Obama has afraudulant SS card, isn’t that a red flag? He can’t produce a real birth certificate, then a fraudulant SS card? Why isn’t this on the news? With a big question mark wondering if he is a terrorist? Why is he in office, isn’t this illegal? A felony? I don’t understand why congress isn’t taking this serious? Why isn’t the media jumping on this?

    1. Vivian, we are living in an unusual time of inverted values, when masses of people don’t respond in the way they would normally. It would take more than a paragraph to explain it, but people have been brainwashed to fear Obama or to see him as some kind of occult savior. People don’t look into these things you mention or attack Obama directly, either because they are full of hope for what they think Obama will do for the world, or, they have been brainwashed into fearing him and hope that, if they don’t challenge him, he will just go away, such as in the next election. Not sure, if this spell over the public can be broken, but for sure it won’t be, if we don’t try. The psychology is much like that of the public in Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s. People ignored things that they shouldn’t have for much the same reasons. To ignore such things out of misplaced fear is a form of appeasement.

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