Black Lives Matter Plans More Terror in La Mesa For Aug. 1

Black Lives Matter is scheduled to attempt again to terrorize in La Mesa on Saturday, August 1, 2020. After having vandalized the small city, looted many stores and burned down three major buildings and multiple vehicles, any event they have in La Mesa terrorizes the residents. At first news of it, people start boarding up their businesses again and preparing for a violent riot.

A good number of concerned citizens are expected to show up at this event and to peacefully monitor the event. They do not want lawlessness and rioting to break out again. The concerned citizen response is being coordinated mainly by Defend East County Facebook Group. Please come and participate to help keep this event peaceful. The more citizen observers there are, the calmer it will be.

Black Lives Matter has no significant reason to have another event in La Mesa. Below is the flier that has been posted on the Internet. Venessa Guillen was a soldier at Fort Hood in Texas, who was murdered by another soldier. Her murderer has committed suicide. What would be the point in tormenting he citizens of La Mesa again for this?

Breonna Taylor was killed by police in Kentucky when they were raiding an apartment, they thought was involved in drug dealing. Whether this police shooting was justified or not has nothing to do with La Mesa and there is no need to upset local La Mesa residents again.

Note the provocative slogon on the flier, “Stand up, fight back” and also the expressed support for Portland, where violent terroristic attacks have been occurring nightly for the last two months. Fight against whom or what? This would just suggest they are considering violent action, because no one is threatening them with violence. Everyone just wants it to be a peaceful event.

They also had an event last Sunday on the 25th of July. Dozens of concerned citizens showed up to monitor it. It was completely peaceful on both sides. With one exception, no one was even yelling at each other. It was not aggressive at all. I’m not sure it could be called even a counter protest, just many people watching.

Only about twenty participants for Black Lives Matter appeared. It is thought that the presence of concerned citizens reduced the attendance and helped keep the Black Lives Matter event calm, peaceful and lawful. See the video below. The turnout of local citizens is expected to be even larger this time.

This same strategy of having a large number of concerned citizens to monitor the “protests” is said to have worked in May and June in Santee and helped to keep the Black Lives Matter events largely peaceful there. They want to employ the same strategy in La Mesa in order to show support for the police and to avoid more such future terroristic attacks on the City. Please support and help this effort.


Black Lives Matter Archive

Black Lives Matter Leader’s Threat Of Violence – Tasha Williamson

Watch this video on Bitchute

In an interview with CBS News 8, Tasha Williamson makes a veiled threat that the the violence will spread throughout San Diego County, if their demands are not met. This interview took place on May 31, 2020 at 5:50PM, just a couple of hours before La Mesa was actually torched and ransacked by Black Lives Matter supporters.

Two years ago, Tasha Williamson made a terroristic threat to the Council of National City to burn the City down. That is, to shut the City down and make it “look like Ferguson”. This occurred on June 19, 2018 and is in the video archives of the City Council of National City.

For more information about the earlier threat, follow this link:
Tasha Williamson archive

Freedom Rally Scheduled for Sat, May 16th in San Diego

A freedom rally has been scheduled for:
Saturday, May 16th
12 noon
County Administration Building
1600 Pacific Highway
San Diego, Ca

I am just sharing the news. Am not an organizer of this event or directly involved at all. I will most probably participate, though. See you there.

See the announcement here:

Re-open San Diego Update

Freedom Rally – Downtown San Diego, May 8, 2020

This was a rally to support opening San Diego County and California, organized by Naomi Israel. Certainly, these wide-spread protests are getting the attention of politicians and *do* have an impact.

Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California has openly declared that he has a political and ideological goal in his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. He has publicly stated that the intends to transform California and America, by exploiting the tragedy of the pandemic for his personal political goal of bringing on a new progressive era. In the beginning, Newsom and others grossly exaggerated the impact that the virus would have by orders of magnitude, in order to frighten the public into accepting whatever he wanted to achieve the transformation of California into a progressive utopia.

He is using personal decrees to control the situation via county public health orders, bypassing local elected officials. That is, he is using the pandemic to dictate. Judging from his actions, the goal appears to be the elimination of as many independent small businesses as possible by driving them into bankruptcy and to make as many citizens as possible dependent on the government and globalist corporations. Those who depend on the Government or allied globalist corporations for their survival can be controlled much more easily than those who can make their own living. So, devastation of the economy can help Newsom achieve his personal political mission of authoritarian, progressive transformation.

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A Humble Proposal For Stopping the COVID-19 Pandemic

The new corona virus, COVID-19 does not appear to be stoppable at this point. It has escaped control around the world. Estimates are that a vaccine cannot be expected for 14 months or longer. There is no guarantee that a vaccine will be available even in 14 months. Even if a vaccine is developed in 14 months, it will take much more time to mass produce it and vaccinate the population.

The proposal is for people at low-risk to voluntarily expose themselves intentionally to the virus and isolate themselves in order to develop a so-called “herd immunity”. Many healthy individuals have slight symptoms or no symptoms at all when they contract the COVID-19 virus. For others, it’s no worse than they average flu.

Some cities are already in a Chinese-police-state-like lockdown and the economy is probably headed for depression. They are talking about locking down the whole nation. In 14 months, if we do nothing, the panic will build, we will have a collapsed economy, massive unemployment and there will likely be bloody rioting in the streets, if not outright revolution.

About 3-12 million people can be expected to die in the United States, unless we spend 14 months in a Chinese-style lock-down and a vaccine is developed sometime next year. The higher number would be if the health system collapses, which is very possible.

NOTE: Probably these numbers above are very much inflated, because many — probably the great majority — of the cases of COVID-19 cold are not reported to doctors, because the case is too minor with little or no symptoms.

With this particular virus somewhere around 50% of the population has to have immunity to stop the exponential spread of the virus. Lock-down of cities and states may work as a circuit breaker, but it will not eliminate the virus. If the restrictions are removed, the virus will just come right back.

To develop herd immunity in this case, you need around 50% of the people to have been exposed or vaccinated, but even a lower percentage would still help in slowing the spread of the virus.

We still don’t know whether COVID-19 is seasonal or not. It should soon become pretty obvious, whether it is, or not. If transmission slows down greatly during the summer in northern latitudes, we would have about 6 months respite to deliberately infect and isolate as many people as possible, in order to build up herd immunity before the next season hits.

At this time the politicians are gambling that they will have a vaccine in 14 months. What happens if they roll the dice and we lose 14 months later?

Those that volunteer to self-infect could plan ahead to do it, get financial aid and help in obtaining food and drug deliveries. It would be better than sending a couple thousand dollars to every person in the country for no benefit at all in controlling the virus.

Infecting people to ameliorate the effects of a virus has been done for more than 200 years, since people were intentionally exposed to cow pox to make them immune to the related smallpox virus. More recently, until the early 1960’s, children were intentionally infected with diseases such as measles and chicken pox, because there was a belief that it would be a benefit to do it early.

Maybe they should be passing out do-it-yourself, self-infection and isolation kits at drive-throughs all over the country. If low-risk people could infect themselves at home and isolate themselves for two weeks, they should have immunity without causing anyone else to be infected. Low-risk persons infecting themselves, should not be a threat of overwhelming the health-care system, because they probably won’t need hospitalization.

If 50% of the population would do this, the disease would virtually disappear, millions of lives would be saved and we could get the economy back on track in a relatively short time.

How COVID-19 Can Be Controlled – Stop The Panic

Government officials, media and bloggers are spreading panic and hysteria about the new corona virus. It is a huge crisis, COVID-19 would eventually infect about 50-60% of the global population and kill maybe somewhere around 2 percent, if nothing is done about it. However, this is not unavoidable. Governments and individuals are taking measures against the disease, which may be very burdensome, but can be effective even without a drug treatment or vaccine.

Progress has been seen already in the first countries to be infected, such as China and South Korea. In China, for example, the daily new cases, daily deaths and active cases are all down in the last few weeks by 85-90% to a manageable level. Some would say China lies about their numbers, but the same kind of improvement is being seen in South Korea and will probably be seen in Europe soon.

Go to this link to see graphs about the state of the corona virus in different countries. Scroll down and click on the country name.

Daily new cases of COVID-19 on the decline.

The reproduction number β€œR0” is, the number of other persons on average that someone with the disease infects for a population that is no immunity to the disease and no extra measures are employed to stop the disease. R0 is a measure of how contagious the disease is. The higher R0 is, the higher the percentage of people will eventually get the disease and the faster it spreads, if it allowed to spread freely in a population that has no immunity and no treatment for the virus.

A R0 of 2-3 will result in about 50-67% of the population getting the disease. A R0 less than 1.0 will result in the disease decreasing and eventually dying out.

R0 is not a constant, absolute value, though. It depends on the setting. The disease can have different values in different countries or areas due to differences in population density, weather and other factors.

The effective reproduction number, called here “Reff” can be reduced by infected countries taking measures to not get the disease and to not pass the disease on to other persons. That is, mainly by being tested, when persons seem likely to have been infected, and isolating themselves when they know they have the disease. Tests are becoming a lot more readily available, so it will soon be much easier to test.

This is all based on statistics and averages. It not absolutely necessary that every single person be responsible. What matters is that the great majority of people in general act in a way that reduces Reff to be less than 1.0. That is, on average, a person passes the disease on to less than one other person. There are laws, though, that allow the Government to force people to be quarantined when they have a communicable disease.

Instead of spreading panic the government and media should be telling people that everyone can do something positive and the disease can be controlled, even without an effective drug treatment or a vaccine. Of course, it would be much better to have a drug treatment and/or vaccine which may eventually come.

It is reasonable to expect the disease in other countries, more recently infected with the virus, will level off in the next few weeks and even start to decline as is happening already in the first countries to be infected, China and South Korea.

However, the disease will not go away very easily and it will probably take a lot of attention, resources and even harsh measures by governments for a few years to keep it under control. It may be impossible to eliminate completely without a vaccine.

Removal of Columbus Statue Meetings in Chula Vista (audio)

Pushing for removal of the statue is a coalition of Left-wing extremists. That is, anarchists, communists, neo-Marxists, La Raza racial ultra nationalists and followers of radical indigenous movement. One of the critics, Rafael Bautista, at a media conference in February proudly declared that he is a communist.

(To see related posts to this one, go to this link.)

Union the Barrio is actually the group that called for the statue to be removed. (See their letter at the bottom of this post.) The Union del Barrio has been described by Armando Navarro, author of Mexicano Political Experience in Occupied Aztlan (page 517) as being ideologically Marxist and Ultra Nationalist. That is, they are racially ultra nationalist, in the sense of Jose Vasconcelos’ concept of a new “La Raza” mestizo race. Navarro is the former head of Chicano Studies at the U.C. Riverside and one of the original radicals of the Chicano Movement. So, Navarro has no bias against Union del Barrio. I know that one UdB member, Paul Aceves, declared on his Facebook page a couple of years ago that he was a communist. I believe many of the UdB members identify that way, whether they are as open about it or not.

They do not just want to remove the Columbus statue, but vindictively destroy it so no one else can ever use it. Probably, no one would oppose building a monument to the Kumeyaay Indians, but that is not their goal. They really want to destroy this memorial to an icon of Western Civilization, which they claim is white supremacist. However, Western Civilization is a tradition and a set of principles and ideas. Anyone can adopt the ideas of Western Civilization. It’s a state of mind, not a race.

Leftist extremists believe they should use propaganda to destroy western values, in order to create more socialist “Utopias”, like Cuba, Venezuela, communist China, the Soviet Union, the former East Germany, North Korea, etc., etc. That is what this is really all about.

The audio files from the two meetings of the Human Resources Committee on removing the Statue of Columbus are posted below.

HRC Meeting Audio

This is the second meeting on February 27, 2020, where the resolution to remove the statue was presented and approved for submission to the City Council. There was opposition at this meeting to the resolution.

This is the first meeting on January 23, 2020, where it was proposed to remove the Columbus statue and decided to prepare a resolution for the City Council to consider. There was no opposition at this meeting. The Human Resources Committee is a very political committee, which should not occur in city government. Clearly, the politics of the committee members is also far-left and for that reason they are so receptive to the neo-Marxist and Chicano/indigenous racial identity ideology of Union del Barrio.

Initial Letter of Complaint from Union del Barrio

Some of our local media falsely reported that several “American Indian Groups” wrote a letter to Chula Vista officials, demanding that the statue of Columbus in Discovery Park in Chula Vista be removed. However, this letter was not sent by Indians, but by the extremist Union del Barrio group. The logo on the letter is an Aztec knight, the symbol of Union del Barrio. It is very ironic that the Aztecs were one of the most cruel and brutal societies in world history, yet, UdB complains about a Columbus statue, intended only to inspire Hispanic kids and all kids to have some ambition and to achieve sometime great. Sadly, some want to teach the children in Chula Vista only to feel like bitter, resentful victims.

Contact Councilmembers

If you would like to contact them these are the email address of the City Councilmembers.

Mayor Casillas Salas –
Councilmember John McCann –
Councilmember Jill Galvez –
Councilmember Stephen C. Padilla –
Councilmember Mike Diaz –

John McCann, a Navy veteran, is solidly against destroying the Columbus Statue and has already taken a strong public stand. Thank him and help support him. I don’t know what Galvez and Diaz are thinking, but I believe they both have the reputation of leaning conservative and it seems very possible that they may vote to keep the Columbus statue. If so, with McCann’s probably vote, that would be a majority.

During the Drag Queen Story Hour fracaso, Mayor Salas and Stephen Padilla have clearly shown that they will actively and publicly support a polarizing, neo-Marxist provocation. We can hope they will have a change of heart, but they may be unlikely to vote to keep the Columbus statue. Please do not send offensive emails to them or anyone else, though. That would just be used against those who would like to see the Columbus monument remain where it is. It would be helpful, though, if you respectfully send all of the council members your strongly-held opinion.

The statue has been vandalized multiple times in a felonious way. Destroying the statue will reward this criminal behavior and encourage more criminal behavior.

A lot of the charges they make against Columbus are hearsay and/or most probably spun out of thin air. Someone, who achieves something as extraordinary as Columbus did, makes a lot of enemies. After more than 500 years, he still has enemies, who are still insanely jealous of his accomplishments.

Bartholmew de las Casas was his chief critic. He wanted to be appointed by the Spanish Crown to be in charge of the Indians. So, he had a political motivation to slander Columbus.

Also, there was something called the “Black Legend”, which refers to propaganda made by the British against Spain. Columbus probably became the target of that propaganda, also. This coalition of extremists present all of these myths and stories as 100% true in order to slander and propagandize. One woman at the media conference, held by the Knights of Columbus, even blamed Columbus for starting domestic violence!

It’s been said that the easiest lies to make or about a place that no one has been or a time that no one has experienced. The New World during the time of Columbus was both of these. There were few witnesses and it happened over 500 years ago. The details of what actually occurred were not documented very well.

Columbus cannot defend himself, however, his reputation has survived for more than 500 years and it will survive the petty attacks of a few communists, mestizo racialists and anarchists. Whatever monuments they manage to have removed and destroyed will be replaced and more will be added at the next 600-year celebration of the Discovery of America in 2092. No one will remember what this small, resentful, hateful group of leftist extremists and Chicano racialists may have done in the year 2020.

Rafael Bautista, a self-discribed communist and critic of Columbus, displaying his IQ.

See RINO Slate for Republican Central Committee in San Diego

There’s a robocall going about San Diego County asking folks to vote for these candidates for the Republican Central Committee. Whoever paid for the robo call withheld his identifying information. The law requires the sponsor of political robocalls to be identified, click here for more information on the law. In this sense this kind of anonymous robocall is an illegal, dirty trick. You can file a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission. The more complaints the better.

It’s believed, though, that these candidates are the ones favored by the clique of RINO’s that now dominates the Republican Central Committee in San Diego. RINO means Republican In Name Only. I think, we can assume this call was made to support the current leadership. It doesn’t mean everyone on this list is a RINO, but that the RINO leadership prefers these candidates and probably feels like they can work with them.

Please consider voting for incumbents on the committee that are not endorsed by the RINO leadership and therefore DO NOT appear on this list. You can see the list of incumbents now serving on the Central Committee by clicking on the link below,

You can vote for up to six candidates in your district. If you have votes left over, also consider voting for someone new, who is not yet on the committee and not on this list and maybe not yet controlled by the RINOS. The Republican Central Committee needs less RINO’s, more patriots and more new blood.

You can hear the original, illegal, anonymous, RINO robocall here.

Patriots Ambushed: Fake Hate Crime Ploy By CAIR / Cenk Uygur

At a congressional candidates forum Cenk Uygur and CAIR appear to have set Trump supporters up in the audience to be potentially charged with a hate crime. Some of these people are known to often be contentious at meetings and it seems that CAIR and Cenk Uygur were trying to provoke them into doing something that could be used to charge some of them with a “hate crime”.Β  I have thought for a while that progressives and Muslims sometimes collude to entrap traditional Americans and unfairly pin felony hates crimes on them for the most minor incidents.Β  This seems to be a glaring example of such an attempt.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is a candidate for Congress in the the 25th district in California. Uygur is a progressive and a Muslim and was one of the candidates at a public forum in Palmdale on Saturday, February 1. Cenk incited the audience by insulting Trump and his wife, Melania. He also loudly and repeatedly berating Trump supporters in the audience s “bigots” in a harsh and aggressive tone of voice. He yelled angrily that when he is in Congress he will “kick Trump’s ass”.

When a couple of relatively mild anti-Muslim statements were made in response, the CAIR representatives started yelling “hate crime”. Free speech is not a hate crime and there was no physical crime to warrant a hate crime and-on charge. Watch the videos here and decide for yourself.

In the video below you will see that Cenk Uygur baits the crowd and starts the altercation. It seems they were hoping to get something on the Trump supporters at this forum. Up until this point the patriots in the crowd were quite passive and they were not disrupting the meeting at all. The full meeting video is shown at the bottom.Β  When the sheriff’s deputies show up, Cenk portrays himself as Mr. Reasonable.

No one tried to take the hijabs off of any Muslim women as the CAIR representative claims. One woman, Genevieve Peters, said Islamic values are not American values. She also pointed at one Muslim women and said she should take off her hijab and be an American. This is thought to be the basis of the false claim that one person tried to take off a woman’s hijab. Physically, Peters never touched the woman and never came within 10 feet of the woman.

Another man, Arthur M., pointed out that death is mandated in Islam for Muslims who convert to Christianity. These statements, though true, may offend fundamentalist Muslims and offend their America-hating, progressive allies even more, but such free speech is not a hate crime.

Cenk Uygur Goes on Hateful Tirade, Calls Audience “Bigots”

The next video is the press conference that CAIR had on Friday, February the 7th. At about 12:00 in this video a representative of the Sheriff’s Department speaks and states that they have not have found any evidence of a hate crime having occurred.

CAIR Press Conference

The local media broadcast the false narrative that CAIR was promoting. They did not give the patriot’s side of the altercation a fair representation at all.

The media did not mention that Cenk Uygur had provoked the response from the Trump supporters. Before Cenk started calling Trump supporters “bigots”, there were no disruption of the meeting. If the candidate can not be civil to the audience, how can they expect the audience to remain civil?

Typical News Report

This the full video by the American Islamic Institute of Antelope Valley. You can watch the entire video and see that it was Cenk Uygur who provoked the incident. Before Cenk started insulting and berating the audience there was no no problem. Cenk begins his hateful tirade at about 19:00.

Full Video of Meeting


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