Germany Banned Fracking To Become Dependent On Putin For Gas

Germany has their own, large reserves of natural gas, yet they banned fracking just to become dangerously dependent on Putin for their supplies of natural gas. Putin is now threatening to cut off the flow of gas to Germany completely, likely bringing Germany economically to its knees.

A news commentator recently said that all of the major German political parties are “progressive”. Here maybe we can see a good example of total progressive government. For the sake of political correctness, they sacrificed the interests of their country.

Former Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, a Democratic Socialist, has essentially worked for years for Putin and made millions of dollars as a board member of Gazprom, the worlds largest energy company.

Angela Merkel, allegedly a conservative, grew up in communist East Germany and speaks fluent Russian. As German Chancellor, she was close to Putin. In her youth, she was a local leader in the east German communist youth movement, Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ). She has obviously also been enamored with Putin at the expense of the interest of her own German citizens.

Now regular German citizens, especially pensioners, are worried about whether they will be able to heat their homes during the coming winter, which can be severely cold in Germany.

Deutschland braucht jetzt Fracking (Germany needs fracking now)

Die Welt
Published on 06/21/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes

By Axel Bojanowski
Chief Reporter Science

‘The amount of fracking gas under Germany could supply us for decades’

Reports from German research institutes show that fracking is harmless in principle. Nevertheless, politicians have banned the technology. Huge natural gas reserves are stored under Germany, which could now lead to an end to the energy crisis.

‘Unite behind the science’ is a credo of the environmental movement. When it comes to fracking, ‘unite behind the science’ means: A ban on this natural gas production technology is unfounded, the risks are manageable. This was the unanimous result of expert opinions from German research institutes. Politicians commissioned the studies in the 2010s because Germany could use fracking to supply itself with natural gas from its own country for decades instead of buying it in Russia or elsewhere.

However, after science had given the green light, the federal government made up of CDU/CSU and SPD did the opposite: in 2017 they banned fracking in Germany. Environmental organizations celebrated. “Unite behind the science” seems to apply to many only as long as science supports fears.

In fracking, shale rock in the ground is broken up with a liquid to extract natural gas. Scientists were able to reassure the audience: Concerns about groundwater pollution, earthquakes and other things would be unfounded. Still, the technology has a bad reputation. Although it has been used extensively in many countries for decades.

In order to rule out residual risks, the experts’ reports recommended that certain regions should be excluded from fracking: regions where drinking water is obtained, earthquake zones, gas reservoirs above 1000 meters, fracture zones. It was of no use: more than two trillion cubic meters of accessible natural gas remain in the shale under Germany, almost thirty times the annual consumption here, because politicians ignore scientific expertise.

Even in the current natural gas crisis, Robert Habeck’s (Greens) Ministry of Economic Affairs announced that the fracking ban should remain in place. ‘Science and research are important cornerstones of our culture,’ says a policy paper by the Greens. Even more important, however, seems to be the technology phobia of its own electorate.

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