CDC Does NOT Claim Covid-19 killed 200K People in 2020

The media appears to be misinterpreting CDC statistics in a way, which inflates death count by Covid-19. The CDC does not actually claim that 200K people were “killed” by Covid-19 during 2020, but that Covid-19 was “involved”. That is, they died with Covid-19, but Covid-19 was often not the cause of death. The CDC does not make the situation too clear, but the alarmist media that really misrepresents the numbers. Guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO) encourage this misinterpretation by stating that every death with Covid-19, should be counted as a Covid-19 death. The Guidelines seem designed to inflate the number of deaths by about a factor of two or more.

From The CDC Webpage

On their “provisional counts” webpage (updated 10/7/2020), the CDC reports about 199K deaths “involving” Covid-19.

Under the column of “Deaths involving Covid-19 and pneumonia, excluding influenza” the total number is 89K. This is less than half the cases of deaths “involving” Covid-19, which the media promotes as the number of deaths due to Covid-19. Covid pneumonia is the only mechanism that has been show to patients. If the person did not develop Covid-19 pneumonia, that it seems very likely that Covid-19 did not kill that person.

Our yellow, politically-biased media presents these deaths as being due to Covid, when probably most of them aren’t. This has terrorized the public and made possible the Orwellian restrictions on personal liberty.

From what we have seen in the media, the expected progression of a fatal case is that you have trouble breathing, go to the hospital, develop Covid-19 pneumonia, are put on a ventilator and then the great majority die. According to these numbers, most people counted do not die of Covid-19 pneumonia, but for some other reason and are counted as Covid-19 deaths. But they happen to test positive for Covid-19.

Trump has withdrawn the US from WHO, because he believes the organization is corrupt. Why are we still following political, self-serving guidelines from WHO that greatly inflate the numbers? If he is re-elected, Trump should make it a priority to issue an executive order to stop CDC from following the WHO guidelines and to be more exact in their estimate of deaths due to Covid-19, not just mindlessly count every death with Covid-19 as a Covid-caused death.

The table of numbers of Covid-19 deaths is on page 2 of the document below.


WHO Guidelines state that anyone who dies with an active Covid-19 infection should be counted as a “Covid-19 death”. This is interpreted by many as a death due to Covid-19, when it is often a death with Covid-19.

The guidelines state only that, when the death is clearly due to physical trauma, such as a murder or vehicle accident, it should not be counted as a Covid-19 death.

Without autopsies, no one can really know for sure how may people died from Covid-19. However, an educated judgment could be made. Covid-19 could be informally ruled out as the cause of death in many cases, but the WHO instructions do not allow that.

Some countries may not follow WHO guidelines in identifying Covid-19 deaths. This can be part of the reason there is so much variation in the rates of deaths among different countries. They try to count more accurately the number of deaths due to Covid-19 or even cook the numbers to make their country look better. The mortality rate in different countries can also vary due to social factors.

The paragraph below comes from this linked WHO document:
WHO Guidelines For Classification Of Covid-19 As Cause Of Death

Paragraph 2 taken from the WHO guidelines for counting Covid-19 Deaths.

The idea that 200K people have died due to Covid-19 appears to be a massive fraud.


The director of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield, told the Associated Press that there were 80,000 deaths due to the flu in 2017-2018. If this is true and using the standard that only Covid-19 deaths with Covid-19 pneumonia count, only slightly more people died of the Covid-19 pneumonia in the 2020 season (Oct 2019 -September 2020) than in the worst recent flu season on record. However, who would be surprised if Dr. Redfield exaggerates the number of flu deaths, also?

When making the comparison, keep in mind also that there are vaccines for the various strains of the flu, but no vaccine yet for Covid-19. Vaccines for Covid-19 are likely to be just as ineffective as flu vaccines, because corona viruses are similar to the flu virus, a rapidly mutating RNA virus.

America’s Frontline Doctors Address Covid-19 Misinformation (uncensored)

A group of doctors, who call themselves, America’s Frontline Doctors, hold a press conference to talk about the ongoing panic over Covid-19 how it is harming the nation. Some of them tout hydroxychloroquin as a preventative and cure for the Covid bug.

This video has been censored on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. No matter what you think of the presentation, the public ought to be treated like adults, allowed to to see it and decide for themselves. This post has been hardened, so it will not be censored. That is, it is not dependent on the main cadres of censorship at YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. The video is hosted on a free speech platform.


Facebook is censoring my post of this link. warning that they will retaliate and restrict anyone that shares such information. Who are they to decide what is correct, what should be censored and what should be allowed to be seen by the public?

Facebook has been shadow banning me for years. Thank God, there are still some sites, Which do not censor. The Government really needs to intervene and stop the censorship. I was banned for life on YouTube last October, just for posting material that was not politically correct.

Funny Business: WHO Guidelines for Covid-19 Cause Of Death

The guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) state that Covid-19 should always be listed as the cause of death as long as the is no clear alternative immediate cause of death, such as trauma from an accident. I would call this policy, “When in doubt, don’t count it out.” Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines follow the WHO guidelines.

If a person has Covid-19, WHO wants it counted whether it is clear that Covid-19 was the cause of death or not. It should be counted, also, if there is a reasonable suspicion that it could the cause of death. This probably leads to considerable over-counting of Covid-19 deaths.

The only way to really determine the cause of death when their are multiple illnesses is to do an autopsy. They are not doing autopsies on the hundreds of thousands of deaths being attributed to Covid-19. It would not be practical to do an autopsy for every death.

With HIV/AIDS, it was totally the opposite. An HIV infection does not kill anyone directly. According to the current medical view, HIV infection is an underlying condition, which suppresses the immune system. This leads to a condition called, “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” (AIDS). People who die with an HIV infection have an immediate cause of death that is one of many other opportunistic diseases that manifests itself due to the weakened immune system. However, the disease that actually kills the patient is not listed as the cause of death when HIV is present. The cause of death is listed as “HIV/AIDS”, the underlying condition. The underlying condition is listed as the cause of death when HIV is present, no matter what opportunist disease immediately kills the patient in contrast to the situation with Covid-19.

Covid-19 is an opportunist disease, which kills mainly people who have a weakened immune system due to another condition. With Covid-19, the cause of death is listed as “Covid-19”, because it is the immediate cause of death. Or, if it is found to be present at all via testing, it can be assumed to be the cause of death. Or, if the doctor just suspects the patient has symptoms of Covid-19, even without verifying it with a test, it can be listed as the cause of death.

Some countries have very low death rates due to Covid-19. This could be due to those countries ignoring the WHO guideline and only counting deaths that are caused by Covid-19 without any other underlying conditions. The number of deaths caused solely by Covid-19 without an underlying condition is very low. Some countries may only partially follow the WHO guidelines and therefore have deaths rates that are intermediate. In any case, it seems highly doubtful that all countries are following the same standard in their counts of Covid-19 deaths.

Embedded below, so you can read it for yourself, is the entire guidelines document from the World Health Organization for classifying Covid as the Cause of Death.

Dr. Fauci Panders To Hollywood Globalist, Julia Roberts

Dr. Fauci Panders To Hollywood Globalist, Julia Roberts

Publicity hound, Dr. Fauci, helps Hollywood stars use Covid-19 to promote globalism in a project called, “Pass the mic” in this interview with globalist, Julia Roberts.

The project was launched by the globalist “One” movement, as in “One World”. It is intended to counteract criticism of the draconian, unconstitutional, Covid-19 lockdowns. Various Hollywood stars will be allowing supporters of the lockdowns to use their social media accounts with millions of fans and media connections to generate support for the globalist, lockdown tactics promoted by the World Health Organization and for Dr. Fauci.

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Fauci Hollywood

Shelter At Home – The Big Lie?

There is much evidence emerging that shelter-at-home and some of the other draconian measures employed during the Covid-19 pandemic do not work that it does not stop the spread of the pandemic and does not save lives. The purpose of this post to collect the evidence that shows whether “stay at home” works or not. This post will be updated as new information becomes available.

The US Government is spending trillions of dollars that we do not have and have to be borrowed in our name to pay for these lockdowns. If the measures taken were not effective and there is no science behind it, contrary to what we we told by Dr Fauci and many others, that really needs to be exposed and people have to be held accountable, so that the same mistakes are not made during the next pandemic or even in the second wave of this pandemic that may come next year. There were perverse political motivations from the beginning among some to support a lockdown. The politicians and big media will, of course, try to cover up any failure and try to make people believe that it was actually a big success.

It seems intuitive that, if people are required to stay home, that they will have less chance of being infected. But intuition is not always correct. Viruses evolve to spread. Hard evidence of effectiveness is necessary. People are not really being isolated at home in a “lockdown” at least not in western countries. They still get packages delivered at home that may be contaminated. They still go to stores, shops and gas stations. They are mainly just not going to work and not supporting the economy. Maybe what may work in the Chinese dictatorship will not work in a constitutional republic?

Governor Cuomo of New York recently expressed “shock” that a poll taken showed that the great majority of Covid-19 patients checking into hospitals over a three day period had been sheltering in place. See the video lower on this page.

A recent study by the Spanish government showed in it’s preliminary results that the infection rate of essential workers and non-essential workers, who have been staying at home, was statistically the same. The page from the report is also displayed below.

Sweden never went into a “lockdown”, yet their deaths per million rank is well within the range of other European countries that went into a lockdown at great cost to their economies.


Mark Muesser, featured in the video below, is an attorney for the Center for American Liberty. He is suing Gavin Newsom and the Government of California in order to protect the constitutional rights of California citizens. He found an review article by doctors and scientist that stated that there was no proof that stay at home and some other such strategies are effective. He is requesting information from state and local governments about the “science” that justified their lockdown decisions and not getting good responses. (Mark is indeed our favorite attorney, as he says in the video, fighting for truth and our constitutional rights in California.)

Gavin Newsom has no Science to Justify Shelter in Place

Below is the article that Mark Meusser mentions in in the video. It reviews mitigation strategies for pandemics and says that many of them have not been shown to be effective. I do not know, if things have changed since the article was published, but we should find out soon. If you do not want take the time to read the whole article, this excerpt sums it up.

Over the years, various combinations of these measures have been used under epidemic and pandemic circumstances in attempts to control the spread of influenza. However, there are few studies that shed light on the relative effectiveness of these measures. A historical review of communities in the U.S. during the 1918 influenza pandemic identified only two that escaped serious mortality and morbidity. Both communities had completely cut themselves off for months from the outside world. One was a remote town in the Colorado mountains, and the other was a naval training station on an island in San Francisco Bay.(1) Obviously, this is not a strategy of general utility. Other studies have suggested that, except in the most extreme applications, disease mitigation measures have not had a significant impact on altering the course of an influenza pandemic. (2,3)

A number of mitigation measures that are now being considered could have a serious impact on the ability of the health system to deliver adequate care and could have potentially adverse consequences for the provision of essential services. Many could result in significant disruption of the social functioning of communities and result in possibly serious economic problems. Such negative consequences might be worth chancing if there were compelling evidence or reason to believe they would seriously diminish the consequences or spread of a pandemic. However, few analyses have been produced that weigh the hoped-for efficacy of such measures against the potential impacts of large-scale or long-term implementation of these measures.


In this video, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York expresses shock that a study shows that a very large majority of those being admitted to hospitals in New York for Covid-19 had been observing his stay-at-home order under lockdown and it obviously did not protect them. He blames the public for the result, but just maybe such a lockdown has just not been proven by real science to be practical or effective?


A government-sponsored study in Spain showed in a preliminary report that the rate of infections was statistically the same for essential workers, who go to work every day, and non-essential workers who were staying home. This is page 8 of the report, entitled “Primera oleada informe seroprevalencia covid-19 en EspaΓ±a” (First version of the covid-19 seroprevalence report in Spain), which I first saw reported in this post in the Gateway Pundit.

The title of this page says “Prevalence of IgG antibodies for Sars-Cov2 according to the characteristics of the participants”. At the bottom in the red box are the percentages infected for non-essential (6.9%) and non-essential (5.3%) workers. The non-essential workers were under a stay-at-home order. Since the error limits of the two numbers overlap, this means that no statistically significant difference found in infection rates of the two categories.

There report says the data is preliminary, so we should see the final report later. For some reason, the was no mention of this surprising result in the text of the report. It is just listed in the data table, without comment. Probably, it is not discussed, because that is not a result that would be welcomed by the political leaders, who ordered the enormously expensive and disruptive lockdown in Spain.


Leaders of a number countries, including Sweden, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, decided not to do a lockdown in response to Covid-19. Sweden is the most notable and transparent of these no-lockdown countries. The fatalities have been somewhat high, but are still well within the range of other European countries that did do lockdowns. Developing immunity in the population may mean more fatalities early on, but less fatalities after herd immunity has been achieved.

About a third of US states also had no lockdown or had relatively mild rules for the lockdowns without disastrous results, so far.

This is an interview of the Anders Tegnell, the architect of Sweden’s no-lockdown policy. Tegnell, very humbly, says that the jury is still out on their decision to not lockdown.

Tegnell points out that is is more sustainable to treat them like adults and inform the people and let them make their own decisions about how to protect themselves. Adopting the methods of the Chinese dictatorship creates resentment and rebellion as we have seen in the US and elsewhere, which is not sustainable.

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“Dr. Doom” Fauci Is Missing

“Dr. Doom” Fauci is the central figure in the progressive, internationalist propaganda campaign intended to take America down by creating public panic over the relatively mild Covid-19 pandemic. According to CNN, now he has disappeared from public view and a group of doctors is reportedly being organized to counteract his doomsday fear-mongering.

Fauci conspicuously stops doing TV interviews as White House moves to reopen economy (CNN)

Good riddance! Pray to God this viper is gone for good, who funded research on how Corona viruses could be engineered to infect humans at the Wuhan lab, where the pandemic is thought to have originated.

Rudy Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor, points out that the virus having started near the laboratory is “strong” circumstantial evidence that Covid-19 came from the lab, whether accidentally or intentionally released.

Dr. Fauci Funded Wuhan Lab to Weaponize Corona Virus

Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research (Newsweek)

I believe Covid-19 is real, but it is obviously not nearly as serious as they have made it out to be, by an order of magnitude or more. A panic was promoted about it to make Americans accept the destruction of their economy and to condition Americans to start accepting “for their own good” Chinese-style authoritarian mandates by an agency of the United Nations over every detail of our daily lives.

At the very least, Fauci has a personal conflict of interest, since he funded research in Wuhan into engineering corona viruses that could infect humans. Due just to this conflict of interest he should never have had major influence in setting policy in response to the pandemic, which he may well have caused. However, there should be an investigation into how the pandemic started and Fauci’s role in it. Funding this kind of research in China would seem criminal. Engineering the virus to infect humans is the main step in weaponizing the virus. Most probably technology transfer went along with this funding. China is not exactly our friend.

According to Edward Bernays, who literally wrote the book entitled “Propaganda”, which introduced the principles to the US, a basic principle of propaganda is to choose the most credible authority figure possible to promote your agenda. Fauci fits that requirement perfectly, because people trust doctors and he is a very eminent doctor, but in spite of that he has been promoting a malicious, progressive agenda that is extremely detrimental to the national interests of the United States. The reaction to Covid-19 has been political from the beginning. A progressive political agenda has been promoted from the beginning, in response to the pandemic. Dr Fauci also has close ties to internationalists, supporters of United Nations governance and global-warming hoaxers, such as Bill Gates.

Though he has been the most prominent propagandist preaching doom, there are many other minor propagandists doing the same. When they fear-monger about Covid-19, we should all be skeptical!

Many thanks to all of those patriots, who are helping to discredit the propaganda campaign by the media, progressive politicians and special interest groups and who are are still helping to bring this most sorry episode of anti-Americanism and anti-Westernism to an end, whether by filing lawsuits, demonstrating in the streets or sharing information via the Internet. Don’t stop fighting now, because it’s not quite over, yet.

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Dr. Fauci Funded Wuhan Lab to Weaponize Corona Virus

Mad Dr. Fauci is like a modern-day Josef Mengele, in that they both did dangerous medical experiments without regard to what impact it may have on humans. Then, we put Fauci in charge of managing the pandemic that his own experiments appear to have caused. The difference is that Mengele’s insane, malicious experiments hurt a relatively few individuals locally; while Fauci’s depraved experiments may not be as gruesome or sadistic in a personal way, but it can cause the torment and slaughter of many millions around the world.

Rudy Giuliani interviews Dr. Steven Greer, who talks about the probability that the virus that causes Covid came from the Wuhan lab, whether deliberately or accidentally. He says Dr. Fauci’s fingerprints all all over this, because he funded this type of work. Fauci funded work in Wuhan on how to create a corona virus that attacks humans with our tax dollars. That is, he funded work in Chicano on the major step that is necessary in the weaponization of the corona virus in China.

Giuliani states that the circumstantial evidence that the virus came from the lab and nowhere else is strong. Why is this man Trump’s adviser on the response to Covid-19? Hasn’t he done enough damage to our country already? Fauci should be criminally investigated. Get rid of Fauci!!

Newsweek: Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab With U.S. Dollars For Risky Corona Virus Research

A flu virus risk worth taking by Anthony S. Fauci, Gary J. Nabel andFrancis S. CollinsDecember 30, 2011

The Fauci article is also posted here.

See the entire interview with Greer here.

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Councilman Calls For Businesses To Re-Open Now!

In what amounts to a call for mass civil disobedience, city councilman, Christopher Rodriguez, speaking at the unauthorized re-opening of the MetroFlex Gym in Oceanside, Ca, called for all businesses to re-open across San Diego County. The Owner of MetroFlex Gym, Lou Uridel, standing next to Rodriguez, had just been arrested a couple of days earlier for opening his Gym for violation of the County Health Order regarding Covid-19. He held a rally and was opening it again after this event on May 13, 2020.

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Rally To Support MetroFlex Gym Re-Opening In Oceanside

Lou Uridel has refused to close MetroFlex gym in Oceanside even after being arrested last week. He is having a rally in front of the gym to support his re-opening and the right of all small businesses to re-open. The details are below:

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
12:00 Noon
MetroFlex Gym
318 N Horne St,
Oceanside, CA 92054

Christopher Rodriguez, Oceanside City Councilman, is personally encouraging small businesses to re-open.

If you participate in this rally, I recommend that you wear a mask and as much as possible observe distancing requirements, in order to make the issue as much as possible only about the right of such businesses to re-open in order to earn a living and support their families.

For more details, see this report by KUSI:

Oceanside gym owner arrested for violating County Public Health Order