Jury Rigged in Cop-Beating Trial in San Diego?

It appears that the jury may have been rigged in favor of the defendant in this cop-beating case. Even one determined person can hang a jury or sway a divided jury towards a not-guilty verdict and at least one blatant, openly-biased person was allowed on this jury.

A leftist, Chicano political operative and activist was allowed to be seated on the jury. This person works for a certain progressive Democratic senator as a field agent. He said that he also works frequently with a far-left activist in San Diego, named “Mark Lane”, who is a witness in the trial. The activist juror is the former president of a Chicano (Democratic) political group.

UPDATE: Frederick Jefferson was convicted, in spite of the issues with the jury. See the Fox5 link below:

Man found guilty of punching cop, resisting arrest

This trial of Frederick Jefferson who punched a San Diego policeman several times in the face, seriously injuring him, started on July 25, 2018 in downtown San Diego. The subject crimes took place at an event in Chicano Park, called a “Patriot Picnic”, which had very intense political undertones.

The chances of this leftist, Chicano political operative, closely associated with a witness, being on the jury by random chance, is statistically very slim. He admitted this political association with Mark Lane during voir dire and the prosecuting attorney, Michael Reilly, did not remove him from the jury or even question him in any detail about it.

The juries tend to already be left-leaning in downtown San Diego. The jury questioning appeared designed to enhance this effect with little or no opposition from the deputy district attorney. Reilly appeared to just be going through the motions. The addition of this leftist political activist to the jury seems designed to top off the already left-leaning jury to help ensure a desired outcome.

Judge Leo Valentine, Jr. ordered me not to blog about the jurors before jury selection started. For that reason, I am not giving out the name of the juror or any very specific details, which might be used to identify him. I am not trying to be a martyr.

After I learned of this relationship between a juror and a political activist, expected to be a witness, I passed the judge a private note telling him that I did not think there could be a fair trial with this obviously biased and politically-connected person on the jury. His response was just to ban me from the trial.

Mark Lane works with a group of attorneys and provides support for persons who are illegally residing in our country. The juror in question said that he works with Lane from time to time when there is a case that may benefit from the help of the Senator. He apparently has a case now, on which he and Mark Lane are working together.

The two Patriot Picnics in Chicano Park were not intended to be protests or demonstrations, but still were very politically controversial, because Chicano Park is, dedicated to anti-American political events of the extreme Left.

Both “Patriot Picnics” were intended to be tests of our constitutional rights of whether we could simply access this public park without racial, ethnic or political discrimination. We wanted to demonstrate, whether we could use the park to exercise our freedom of assembly, freedom of speech (among ourselves in private) and test our right to simply display the American flag in this park, which many Chicano militants hold to be their “liberated land”. Our test failed on all counts!

Mark Lane was a counter protester and major inciter of the rabid crowd who assembled to stop both “Patriot Picnics”. They called us “Nazis” and “white supremacists” without any evidence, in order to marginalize us and whip up a mob against us to block us. There were no overt (or even known covert) Nazis, white supremacists or fascists at these events.

For Patriot Picnic I, last September 3rd, we intended to visit this public park in peace, in order to have a private viewing and discussion of the anti-American, pro-communist and Chicano ultra nationalist murals at the park. Word leaked out by subterfuge 2-3 days before and 500 raging park supporters meet us there to deny us access.

Lane appears in this video cursing, slandering and threatening the five citizens, especially me (Roger) at that first Patriot Picnic. He is the person at the beginning with a black beard. (Part of the video is from Lane’s own posted video.) Note that some were extremely upset with the police for protecting us from the angry lynch mob that had been incited against us.

In contrast to the first, intended private one, Patriot Picnic II was an intentionally publicized effort by another group (Bordertown Patriots) of about 60 patriots to walk into the park flying the American flag, because use of the flag is restricted in the Park by the “unofficial” Chicano Park Steering Committee and their thuggish allied groups. The flags of Aztlan and La Raza are required to always be superior to the American flag in Chicano Park, because it is their “conquered” land. An estimated 700 people showed up again to block our free access to the park, though it was reported by a couple of friends on that side that many of these people were not sure exactly why they were there.

Aztlan is the American Southwest, held to be the national homeland of the Chicanos, ultimately to be united with the Mexican fatherland. Chicano Park is similar to a Chicano-nationalist cult site. It is claimed to be a “sacred place” as the first part of Aztlan to be occupied and “liberated”. For this reason those, who control the Park, are very offended by the American flag, the symbol of American sovereignty. Its use is restricted to a remote corner of the park on a lower flagpole, maintained by group of local Hispanic veterans. The veterans had to fight hard to be allowed to install a modest veterans memorial and flagpole there in a remote corner of the Park. Until Patriot Picnic II loomed, the “Steering Committee” only allowed the American flag to be displayed at the memorial on the three patriotic holidays.

Friedrich Jefferson was obviously coming to the park to join the mob against us, incited by the slander spread by Mark Lane and others that a group of real Nazis would be gathered there. The information that he was on the other political side has been suppressed by our Leftist-dominated authorities and media, in order to not to offend or assign any blame to their political allies.

BodyCam video of Frederick Jefferson attacking policeman

They pretend that Fred Jefferson was some random, apolitical passerby, who was just out for a relaxing stroll and happened to wander into the area of conflict. In truth, he was itching for a fight and he seriously injured a policeman, who was trying to protect us from the mob. Fred Jefferson was positioning himself right in the middle of the street, where we were expected to make our exit from the free speech zone, to which the police had confined us for our own safety. The injured cop probably took punches that were intended for the patriot picnickers.

The nearby supporters of the Park were encouraging and defending Jefferson as he punched the police officer and the police struggled to subdue and arrest him. They had no doubt which side he was on. This is confirmed by many posts on Chicano and Leftist websites. One of the Chicano organizers, Jorge Alexis del Castillo, initially started a crowdfunding site for Jefferson’s defense, which has since disappeared.

The Judge and prosecutor must know that the events surrounding the crime were extremely political. If they do not, they have been very derelict in their professional duty. They allowed a political activist with a strong political bias and an political association with a witness to be on the jury. According to my understanding, this is very wrong. My attorney also finds it incomprehensible that this openly political activist could be allowed to be on the jury, while openly admitting an association with a witness.

The Chicano and leftist counter protesters are, generally speaking, not exactly friends of law enforcement to begin with, but they especially hated them for protecting us from mob violence at these two events. As Mark Lane threatens in the video above, “You will not always be protected (by the police)…”. This second Patriot Picnic event in February attracted some on the Left, like Jefferson, who had an extreme hatred of the police, and he was ready for a fight with the police.

The men of one of the four founders of the militant Chicano movement, Reies Tijerina, wounded two law enforcement officers in the late 1960’s. One of the officers was suspiciously murdered just before he could testify against Tijerina. Another founder, Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, publically encouraged the killing of cops as a “revolutionary act”. These two founders are memorialized in Chicano Park. Some of the funeral ashes of Corky Gonzales, who mandated cop killing, have been (illegally) scattered in the Park around the statue of their Mexican revolutionary saint, Emiliano Zapata. In this sense, Chicano Park is a unholy, anti-cop, “sacred” shrine as well as being an anti-American shrine.

There should be a fair trial for the victim, too, without any juror, who is unduly biased in favor of the defendant and biased against the police. With the current jury this is just not the case.


Bodycam video shows man punch San Diego police officer

Watch: Bodycam shows officer getting punched outside Chicano Park protest

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    1. It’s running every day until it finishes probably at the end of this week in Dept 2101 in the new courthouse downtown. Today (7/30) it starts at 8:30.

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