Chicano Federation / Chicano Park Steering Committee Grand Jury Investigation

This 79-page report describes a grand jury investigation in 1979 of the corrupt, incestuous relationship between the Chicano Federation and Chicano Park Steering Committee in San Diego. Both were then residing in the same building next to Chicano Park. As a result of misappropriation of funds and other bad behavior, the two groups were ordered to vacate the building. The building is now designated as the future Chicano Park Museum at 1960 National Ave, San Diego, Ca. The red brick building was originally intended to be a highway patrol substation in 1970, before the site was occupied.

Recently, the Chicano Park Steering Committee again gained control of the building via a lease from the City in order to use it as a park museum, a base to support their propaganda and indoctrination efforts, especially of children and young people. It seems many have forgotten why the Park Steering Committee members were thrown out of the building in 1979. This report provides the background in much detail.

The Chicano Federation is a social services and advocacy non-profit, while the Chicano Park Steering Committee is a self-appointed group of militant, La Raza radicals, who occupied Chicano Park in 1970 and who were then attempting to control the Chicano Federation via harassment, threats of violence and intimidation to further their own corrupt, anti-American agenda.

Today (in 2020), 41 years later, the Chicano Federation appears to be a more normal, nonprofit organization, providing social services to the Hispanic as well as other residents of San Diego County, while the Chicano Park Steering Committee is still a group of militants with a radical, anti-American agenda, trying to promote their revolutionary ideology with our tax dollars via intimidation and threats of violence.

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