VIDEO: Gavin Newsom on Trial: We Only Did What Was Appropriate

A lawsuit was brought against California Governor Gavin Newson for governing by fiat. A reporter asked him at this press conference, whether he had been governing by fiat and whether he would moderate his behavior in the future. News replied, “We only did what was appropriate.”

Kevin Kiley, one of the two Assemblymen bringing the lawsuit, reported that Newsom’s attorney said that the prinicpals of the American system, “only work well in theory”.

At the trial, Gov. Newsom’s attorney said these principles – separation of powers, republican government, and the rule of law – only work well “in theory.” I’d say over two centuries of American history show they work pretty well in practice too. – Assemblyman Kevin Kiley

For updates on the trial of Gavin Newsom, would suggest liking Kevin Kiley’s Page. Assemblyman James Gallagher is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

On April 23, 2019, as Covid was just starting to spread in California, Governor Newsom said in response to a question by a reporter from Bloomberg that he saw the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to make political change, to bring about a new progressive era.

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In his early press conferences, Newsom also mentioned frequently the need for “prescriptive solutions”. Below are some synonyms for “prescriptive”.

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