Aggressive Defense Against SPLC Anti-Patriot Lawsuit Begins

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has filed a lawsuit against the Patriot Movement Arizona (PMAZ) because they dared to speak out vigorously against mass asylum fraud. This punitive lawsuit is intended, not just to silence PMAZ, but anyone who dares to speak out too loudly against the leftist/progressive agenda of radical, “fundamental transformation”, as Obama called it, the destruction of America as we know it.

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Ed Rose, the attorney for the Patriot Movement Arizona, has filed a response in Federal Court to the lawsuit that they are not entitled to relief, because the shelter operators (three churches) are encouraging illegal immigration and are also public figures themselves. See, the excerpt from the recently filed reply below.

The churches are aiding and abetting illegal aliens, because most of them don’t show up for their court hearings, but just wanted to get into the US by whatever means necessary to live illegally.

The leaders of the social-justice churches are not just innocent shelter operators, but are promoting a radical, leftist political agenda and therefore are public figures who have injected themselves into a controversial political issue and are not entitled to protection from defamation to the same extent that private citizens are.

Mostly asylum fraudsters being unloaded at a social-justice church in Phoenix

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