SgtMaj Hidalgo Leads Veterans Day Ceremony in Chicano Park

Juan Hidalgo, Jr. is running for Congress in the 51 district and MC’d the 2019 Veterans Day ceremony in Chicano Park. The 51st is his hometown district. It’s a district that has struggled forever with unemployment, low incomes, drugs and crime. Juan is very determined to make a big change in the district for the better.

He had a very successful career in the military, He was a Sergeant Major in the Marines, the highest rank that a noncommisioned officer can obtain. Among many other things, he served in Iraq during the war and was part of the command team at Guantanamo.

I would have recorded the other speakers too, but the noise from the freeway was so loud that much of what they said couldn’t be heard. Among Hidalgo’s many other accomplishments, he was a drill instructor in the Marine Corps and he knows how to speak loudly enough to be heard!

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