What Does A Government Shut Down Look Like?

The Republican collaborationists use the horrors of a government shutdown as an excuse to not defund Obama’s dictated amnesty. The House principally is given the “power of the purse” in the Constitution and they have the right to add a rider to any budget bill that eliminates funding of certain items, such as the illegal amnesty. They often do this, without so much drama. If the Senate or the President do not fund the bill due to the rider, the so-called “shutdown” is their fault.

I worked for the DoD for nearly 34 years and experienced two such Government shutdowns and I know the horrors first hand. The Government continues to collect tax revenues and very few non-essential people are told to not come to work. The great majority continue working and being paid. Probably 70-80% of Government workers, overall, continue working. In the DoD maybe only a few percent are told to go home. The ones, who do not work, are paid back with interest, so it is like a free, paid vacation. I was hoping they would tell me to go home last time. In the last shutdown, the Obama regime tried to make it look as catastrophic as possible, but it has little impact, except to embarrass the politicians.

The real problem is that the Republicans, as a party, actually want Obama’s illegal amnesty to go forward, because their international financial backers support cheap illegal labor coming into the U.S. to compete with higher-paid American workers. It appears the Republicans have made a dirty, underhanded deal with Obama to let his illegal and unconstitutional amnesty decree go forward, so that they do not have to vote on amnesty, which would disturb their constituents and make it harder for them to be re-elected. However, this treasonous back stab by the Republicans should disturb voters even more. They are willing to trash the Constitution, just to avoid any embarrassment to themselves.

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