Anti-Amnesty / Impeach Obama Protest in Nashville on Dec 9th

King Wannabe Obama I will visit Nashville, Tennessee next Tuesday. Obama will be delivering a speech on his illegal, unconstitutional, dictated amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. There will definitely be a protest at the event site. Protesters are headed to Nashville even from surrounding states. Everyone is encouraged to join in. In recent months Obama’s visits to Tennessee have drawn hundreds of protesters. Come on, Nashville, home of Country Music and a real American president, Andrew Jackson. Do us proud.

The local paper said hundreds of protests showed up, the Washington Times reported 200. Not sure what the split was. My estimate is 200 with a 50/50 split between the two groups. Will post an update later. Thanks to all the brave people who turned out in Nashville. I don’t think there is a serious risk, but it takes a little spunk to show up.

Video: Supporters and opponents of immigration reform gather in Nashville as President Obama gives speech

Protesters, supporters demonstrate at Obama speech

Early Protesters at lawless Casa Azafran.

Early Photos of the protest.

President Obama to give immigration speech in Nashville

Where: Casa Azafran
Address: 2195 Nolensville Pike | Nashville, TN 37211 map
Phone: (615) 320-5152
Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Time: 8:30 AM (tentative)

The time of the speech has not been announced, but in any case, when protesters arrive early the crowd builds throughout the day as people drive by, stop and join in. A few people need to plan to arrive at the site early and be prepared to be there until Obama arrives waving flags and/or protest signs. This is because many people will drive by and not stop unless a group is already there. Many do not want to be the first protester there.

If you want to see the motorcade of El Presidente and be seen by him, Casa Azafran is the most likely place. Police will normally let you get fairly close to the motorcade. They will not necessarily confirm which route the motorcade with take. The media will also swarm at the destination, Casa Azafran. You want to be where the media is.

The motorcade is most likely to come from the Four-Forty Freeway north on Nolensville Pike to Casa Azafran. So, the best place to protest with a chance of seeing the motorcade is to line Nolensville Pike south of the Casa and even directly in front of Casa Azafran. Protests in other cities have been allowed to be that close to the motorcade. See this protest last May in La Jolla for example. Presidential motorcades naturally avoid narrow side streets. For that reason, they are likely to use Nolensville Pike.

Casa Azafran is a Government- and non-profit-funded center for assisting immigrants, including illegal aliens. Therefore, it is a taxpayer-funded center for immigration lawlessness and will be lauded Tuesday by a shamelessly lawless president. Aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a violation of federal law with a penalty of 5 years in prison and 10 years for conspiracy to entice illegal aliens to come to the U.S. This law is often ignored and violated by politicians and also by the current president, who not only holds himself to be above the law, but arrogantly makes his own immigration law now by decree. The entire group at this meeting deserve to be arrested and brought to trial for aiding and abetting illegal aliens and conspiracy to entice illegal aliens.

Obama wants to score propaganda points with these trips and portray Americans as “racist.” Would suggest avoiding that by attacking Obama for his dictatorial abuse of office and not so much the illegal-alien lawbreakers directly. It is Obama’s sworn duty to enforce the law, not make new law.

This is probably not the best part of town, but there will be plenty of police on hand to prevent any problems from getting out of hand. On the day of Obama’s visit, this will be probably the safest neighborhood in Nashville.

Parking is available on side streets or south of Four-Forty Parkway and also near the track field just north-west of the protest site.

If local groups want to send a link to their event page, it will be posted here. Use the “contacts” tab above. The link below is to a report of the last protest in Nashville in January, 2014, which drew about 150 anti-Obama protesters and 30 pro-Obama protesters, who were most likely bussed to the protest.

Anti-Obama protesters turn out to greet the president

Download images of protest signs here that can be very cheaply printed at Staples or other office stores.

Poster Downloads

Then, just attach the poster to a piece of cardboard.

Expect the media to be there in force. This is some of the media coverage the recent protest in Las Vegas received. A big protest will make a big splash. Take video and photos for posting on the Internet. Send images for re-posting on this blog via the “contact” tab near the top of this page.

Media coverage of Las Vegas Protest.

Here is a video of the protest at the King Wannabe I speech on November 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada, which had an estimated 250-300 anti-Obama protesters.

Anti-Amnesty / Impeach Obama NOW Protest Rocks Las Vegas

Roger Ogden
Impeach Obama NOW Coalition
San Diego, CA

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