Frivolous SPLC Lawsuit Against Arizona Patriots

Fake refugee bus unloading
A lawsuit has been filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), naming several patriots in Arizona and California for allegedly conspiring to harass and defame several socialistic churches in Arizona. These churches providing services that encourage these alleged refugees to come the United States. According to the Department of Homeland security about 90% of these so-called refugees will never Obtain asylum from a court. If they bring a minor with them, they are released within 20 days into the US and most end up disappearing to live as illegal aliens. Most of them are not refugees in the legal sense of the term. Those fleeing poverty and crime are not legally eligible for asylum status in the U.S.

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Below are several videos mentioned in the complaint that supposedly support the complaint. This material is being posted in one place, just to make it easy for interested persons to learn what this lawsuit is about. This page is in progress and will be editing and adding to it.

They may have been more aggressive than I would have been at some points, but I believe they are still within their rights to free speech. The SPLC is just trying to bully and suppress their free speech by suing them. The SPLC has access to regiments of high-powered attorneys and an endowment of about half a billion dollars. They are expecting that the defendants will not have the resources to stand up to them and defend themselves properly. These citizens should have full rights to speak out and to protest this without being threatened by the SPLC with financial ruin.

Protest at Monte Vista Church on December 28, 2018

If someone is trespassing or disturbing the peace, the owner has the option to call the police and/or obtain a restraining order. It’s not necessary to file a major lawsuit for minor offenses.

It is not clear that it is legal to ban persons, even from private property that is open-access to anyone else, just because you don’t like their political views. Recording images of people in public, even children, is not illegal either, but protected by the 1st Amendment.

Protest at Iglesia Alfa y Omega (Alpha and Omega Church)

An anti-SLAPP counter-suit should be filed against the SPLC, but the defendants need the funds and resources to be able to do that. The Arizona patriots ought to have national support against the SPLC bully, who supports the exploitation and abuse of children. National awareness and a real national debate on exploitation of children by the leftists and progressives for political purposes is dearly needed. There should be a big protest outside the courthouse at every important hearing for this case.

News Interview with Fox10News

It is pretty clear that massive numbers of children are being exploited for the sole purpose of gaining entry by fraud into the US. Organized crime controls this mass migration of fraudsters into the US. No one knows what happens with the kids, once they are in the U.S., since almost all of these fraudsters disappear to live illegally. It seems very reasonable to call this “child trafficking” and these churches are helping to enable people to do it. They have allowed themselves to become just another station in the cartel smuggling operation.

The accusation of child trafficking upsets them so much, exactly because it hits home. So, it should be yelled from the rooftops and this is exactly what the SPLC wants to prevent with their lawsuit. They want the child trafficking to continue unabated for their own political reasons. They know this entire criminal smuggling operation is very vulnerable to that accusation.

Protest at Iglesia Alfa y Omega (Alpha and Omega Church) on Jan 5, 2019

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to carry a gun to such a protest, but does not prove they did anything illegal, either, because open-carry is legal in Arizona.

Ihe SPLC filed this lawsuit mainly to intimidate and stop the defendants from exercising their free speech rights. If there were any petty offenses committed during the protests, there are more direct and appropriate ways to deal with that short of a major lawsuit against citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights regarding such a critical issue of national importance.

Read the SPLC’s complaint here.

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