Obama Reportedly To Import Foreign Ebola Patients

A dictated amnesty for millions of illegal aliens is not enough, encouraging millions more to come. So now Obama is reportedly planning to illegally import foreign citizens, who have been infected with Ebola for treatment in the USA. How generous of him!

Obama Plans to Let Ebola-infected Foreigners Into U.S. for Treatment

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2 Responses to Obama Reportedly To Import Foreign Ebola Patients

  1. Alfred Roensch says:

    O”Reilley is not defending Obama. Obama is out to destroy the United States. I can’t wait until the two years are up and we can elect someone other than Hillary. Or, maybe, just maybe, we take over control of the Senate, and we can start impeachment proceedings.

    • Admin says:

      A 2/3rds majority is required to convict Obama in the Senate. No one thinks the Republicans are going to get a 2/3rd majority. The Republicans need some Democratic support to convict and remove Obama. It is possible that they could get it, but they are really not trying, so far. They Republicans just want control, mainly so they can sit back and enjoy being slopped from the same public trough as the Democrats have been.

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