Ferguson Residents Say “F@#k Al Sharpton And Obama!”

Do people still think there will be riots, if Obama is impeached?? Many see him as a sell-out.

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2 Responses to Ferguson Residents Say “F@#k Al Sharpton And Obama!”

  1. Alfred Roensch says:

    We have always had Presidents who could think and act. This one absolutely freezes whenever he has to make a decision. This was predicted from the very beginning, i.e., he just did not have the aptitude to lead. His only claim to fame is that he got bin Laden. Are we sure of that. We have never seen his body, or a picture of his body. It would not surprise me if this was not a fabrication, that he was already dead when they stormed into that house, dead by several years. We saw lots of pictures of lots of people, but not one of bin Laden.

    • Admin says:

      Alfred, I don’t believe that he cannot act. It’s just that he does not WANT to act in the interests of the US. I think he really wants a Caliphate to be formed. When he has a choice to act in our interests and destroy the budding Caliphate, he gives our interests lip service, but then ditters and does the absolute minimum possible.

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