Impeach Obama Overpass Movement Continues to Fragment

Three Nebraska state (Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment) groups have left the overpasses movement as of last week. State leaders decided to leave the movement after being place under the National leadership of Fred Schneider and other loyalists to Jim Neighbors, the Founder. State leader Linda Amsbaugh stated she could no longer stay under leadership whose main objective was to destroy others who left the movement.

Amsbaugh contacted Ann Whitten, creator of the pages and asked her to change the name of the groups. Whitten asked her, if she was certain about leaving the movement and Amsbaugh assured her that she was. The next day Mrs. Whitten spoke to all 4 of the leaders and then honored their request.

Whitten has come under heavy fire from Overpasses leadership since changing the group names. Whitten stated “I will help anyone that asks me, if the reasons are legitimate.  This is not my undoing, it is overpass leadership with their constant attacks and ignoring their state leaders and the good of the movement.”

It is unknown how many original members have left the Overpasses movement, but certainly thousands have split off to form new groups.

6 thoughts on “Impeach Obama Overpass Movement Continues to Fragment”

  1. According to the people of Texas and several other states, they were going to leave unless Roger was kicked out..

    1. Nah, they banned me in essentially all of the states, except 1-2 they didn’t know I was a member of. Were all the states threatening to leave unless I was kicked out? In Most of those states I had never even made a comment. Cynthia in Texas went around telling the admins that I was a “troll.”

      Lately, they have unbanned me in a lot of states. In any case, it’s fine with me. I have no desire to belong to those groups any longer.

  2. Funny, I am from Texas and I have no issue with Roger. I have issue with the leadership of the group, the way people were spoken down to and the censorship that occurred on the FB pages.

  3. implosion…a sad case of to many chiefs and not enough Indians. Perhaps if they were not so self centered and self absorbed the masses would not be making a mass exodus out of dodge.

    1. I think they have just made matters worse, by attacking the people, who want to leave and taking control of states that they suspect may leave.

  4. I know that Dallas sent messages to a few of the ladies that were Texas local group leaders. He will deny it but he did and he can deny it all he want’s, they have it in black and white.

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