Beheaded American’s Family Threatened by the Obama Regime

The Foley’s should have known that only Obama is above the law. Only he can make deals with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and send them money and arms, as long as it in line with his destructive agenda. To read more, go to the link below by One America News:

Foley family says was ‘threatened’ by U.S. official over ransom: ABC

2 thoughts on “Beheaded American’s Family Threatened by the Obama Regime”

  1. There is valid reasoning behind outlawing paying ransom to Islamic terrorists. Ransom money will come bacxk to us in the form of bombs and bullets. You get more of what your reward and less of what you punish. Rewarding Muslims with ransom encourages hostage taking. The ideation behind terrorism is a cancer on humanity. Radiation is the answer.

    1. That might be a reasonable justification, if Obama did not fund and arm the same terrorist groups. But I still don’t think, even then, that I would threaten the family with persecution for a crime for trying to save the life of a family member.

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