Leftists / Independents Also For Obama’s Impeachment

A recent poll showed that 35% of Independents and even 13% of Democrats want Obama removed from office. The insinuation that Obama wants to be impeached is just a bluff and a transparent ploy to try to stop people from talking about it.

Obama does not want a serious attempt to impeach him and he does not want people publicly protesting and calling for his removal. His support is eroding, even among his base. For that reason there should be more protesting for his impeachment, especially now just before the upcoming election.

There may be no chance at all that Republicans are going to win a 2/3rd majority of the Senate, necessarily to convict Obama after being impeached in the House. But Obama can still be removed, if enough Independents and Democrats agree that he is a criminal tyrant and must be removed from office.

To impeach Obama he has to be challenged and the Republicans do not have the will to challenge him. The Republican leadership these days does not care about the Constitution or the rule of law. They only care about their own personal interest and what they perceive to be the interests of the Party. The way to expose and remove Obama from office is to develop a broad consensus for impeachment not more intense partisan polarization.

Below are are a few clips of leftists and independents, who have said recently that Obama should be impeached and removed or even tried for his crimes.

Ralph Nader: Obama Should be Impeached

Professor Noam Chomsky: Obama Trashing Even the Magna Carta

Professor Francis Boyle: Impeach Obama NOW!

Former Occupiers in San Diego Hold “Flush Obama” Protest

The Amazing Atheist – Impeach Obama (warning bad language)

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