National Protests Against Obama’s Illegal Alien Invasion – July 18-19

If you go to one of these protest events, take an “Impeach Obama” sign with you. Obama is the real cause of the Illegal Alien Invasion. He has engineered this flood of illegal aliens with malicious and treasonous intent by selectively not enforcing the immigration laws.

As long as Obama is in office, he will issue illegal executive orders that increase the flood of illegals and continue to overwhelm the Border Patrol, which is now being used in a criminal way to resettle illegal aliens in the US, not to stop them from coming. It is a federal crime to aid and abet illegal aliens. The Federal Government is not exempt from federal law. For these reasons it does not make sense to oppose Amnesty without demanding that the treasonous criminal, Obama, be removed from office.

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File photo of a protest by “We The People, Rising” in Orange County, California.
Disclaimer: We the People is not connected with this event.

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