Impeach Obama Now!! Protest at Angel Stadium – Video and Articles

On June14, 2014 Obama gave the commencement speech at the University of California graduation. Here are some links to video and reports about the impeach-Obama protest that occurred outside Angel stadium in Anaheim, California, where it took place.

Obama and Grads hail their real chief here (Satan)  LoL.
Obama and Grads hail their real chief here (Satan) LoL.

This event was organized primarily by the following. Thanks, also, to the many people, who helped promote it.

Roger Ogden, Coalition to Impeach Obama NOW!!
Gary Wilmott, Give US Liberty
Robin Hvidston, We the People Rising

Thanks to the attendees also, who made it an energetic and lively protest.


Photos Impeach Obama Now! – San Diego (Meetup)

Patriots Protest Putative President at Progressive PowWow at UCI Commencment

Give Us Liberty Photos

Protesters Rally as Obama Delivers Speech – NBC Channel 4

Co-Sponsor: Rally to Impeach Obama a Success (Post and E-Mail)

WATCH: Impeach Obama NOW Protest

Obama arrived at Angel Stadium in Anaheim via helicopter at the Honda Center and transferred to a motorcade for the short ride to Angel Stadium, where he gave the UC Irvine commencement speech on June 14th, 2014.

There were three protesters at the intersection of Douglas and Katella, but the Secret Service had them pushed back so far that Lord Obama would not be offended by their sight. Meanwhile, in front of the Stadium there were over 100 protesters on the left, middle and right. There were no pro-Obama protesters.

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  1. Coming to a theater near you: “WHITE HOUSE-GROWN TERRORISTS” starring Obaba Black Sheep (pulling the wool over our eyes) and Eric Wholedirt (always backed up by Obaba). Surprise ending when they disappear ! (Reviewers are invited to Google “Revealed: The Destroyer of Obama’s Tyranny” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)

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