Protester for Obama’s Impeachment Arrested on D-Day Anniversary

Danny Martins was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by Nassau County Police on the anniversary of D-Day (June 6th) for protesting against Obama and displaying American flags and patriotic messages from an overpass in Nassau (Long Island), New York.

There are been about 1,000 of these overpass protests across the country in the last year and the only reported injuries, so far, have been from over-zealous police, who have attacked protesters at several different events, and from angry Obama supporters, who assaulted and abused protesters. There is much more evidence that police and Obama followers are a threat to public safety than there is for these freedom-of-speech protests.

Harassment from police has been fairly routine across the country, as has been threats and abuse from Obama fans. Last summer, a protester was violently shoved backwards onto a concrete barrier in Fresno, Ca and another non-resisting protester wrestled to the ground in a choke hold in St. Charles County, Missouri. Widespread Intimidation and bullying by police and Obama supporters has amounted to a major discouragement of such protests over the last year.

An appearance has been scheduled for Nassau County District Court in Hempstead, NY. Details are here:

Show of Support for Danny Martins

And a protest has been scheduled here.

I Stand with Danny – Support Freedom of Assembly Overpass Rally


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