Patriot Wave 12 – Impeach Obama

Patriot Wave 12 - Impeach Obama

Overpasses for America put the “Impeach Obama” back in for Patriot Wave 12. Perhaps partly due to low turn-outs for events, lately, when impeachment was not advertised as the purpose.

You probably should not depend completely on a group that allows the IRS to dictate and tell them to remove “Impeach Obama” from their name. OfA was forced to change their name and de-emphasize impeaching the Dear Leader, when they became a 501[c][27] non-profit organization. Overpasses for America complied with Obama’s IRS thugs. In many of their Facebook groups, this caused them to lose about 2/3rds of their members, who did not follow to the new groups with the now politically correct name of “Overpasses for America.”

Coalition to IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!- List of Partners

Suggest people participate in the Patriot Wave, if they want, but also start forming their own, independent local groups for protesting for impeachment. It is easy enough to do with Facebook. We can help you set up a group. When we have enough of these groups across the country, no one will be able to stop or divert the impeach Obama movement.

Put “Impeach Obama” back in your group name, as a simple act of defiance! It’s not about “Overpasses.” It’s about “Impeaching Obama!” That is, without having Obama’s IRS agents looking over your shoulder.

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  1. Ok Congress and Senate when in the hell are you going to get off your dead asses and do what you are getting paid to do. Impeach this non-American that is Not a American but a communist impersonating a American to take away our rights and Constitution. Democrats Keep stalling this and some Republicans also to impeach Barry Soetoro who calls himself a American, my ass. Is Obama . Lets get you in Washington off your ass and Impeach Obama now. You are doing everything to keep his ass in office and he is screwing you every time. IMPEACH THIS NON-AMERICAN NOW.

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