Rand Paul Ready to Surrender American Sovereignty for Amnesty

Rand Paul says amnesty for tens of millions of illegals is doable, as long as they are not allowed to vote immediately.  As many as 30-40 million illegals are thought likely to seek amnesty.  Eventually they will be voters.  Does it really matter, if they destroy America now, or a few years from now?

Democrats need to come ‘halfway’ on immigration, Rand Paul says


3 thoughts on “Rand Paul Ready to Surrender American Sovereignty for Amnesty”

  1. Absolutely NO amnesty!! All Republicans in favor of this are traitors. Including Darrell Issa, AND Rand Paul. I am so sick of this “one” party system of totalitarian garbage, I could scream. VOTE them all out!

    1. The two major parties have become two branches of the same party, the Globalist Big Money Party. It never even occurs to these losers that enforcing existing law could be an option. They are lawless renegades.

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