Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Retreats from Impeachment

The title and URL of the FaceBook page for Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment has changed. The word’s “Obama’s Impeachment” have now been removed. The old link, which no longer works was:


and it has been changed to:


The titles and URL’s of the state groups are also in he process of being changed over, dropping the words, “Obama’s Impeachment.”

The problem with opposing Obama is that you can not obtain non-profit status from the IRS, if you oppose Obama directly. 501(c)(4) tax status allows an organization to receive anonymous contributions from Big Money donors. It seems likely that this kind of thing has motivated the name change. It is difficult to raise money, if you are campaigning for Obama’s impeachment. In effect, they appear to be bowing to the Obama regime and to Mammon (god of money), in spite of their many proud patriotic words.

Patriotism is a fine thing, but it does not pay the bills and some folks have bills that need to be paid. There is nothing wrong with funding an organization and setting up your retirement plan, but,if that is the main goal, people ought to be up-front about it, especially, if it will require a change in the focus of the organization.


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