Rand Paul Ready to Surrender American Sovereignty

Rand Paul says amnesty for tens of millions of illegals is doable, as long as they are not allowed to vote immediately.Β  As many as 30-40 million illegals are thought likely to seek amnesty.Β  Eventually they will be voters.Β  Does it really matter, if they destroy America now, or a few years from now.

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  1. John says:

    I’m shocked to just here that Rand Paul is giving up the fight against Amnesty. He said that it doesn’t matter whether they will destroy our country now or later because it’s going to happen as long as they are not allowed to vote for a year or two. That’s the only reason the Democrats have caused this confused destruction by allowing 50,000,000 illegals to come in and vote DEMOCRAT— THE HELL WITH THE COUNTRY!!! Great people , aren’t they? Senator Paul, DONT GIVE UP!!! We won’t let the destroy our country . We have to Impeach Obama, Holder , Clinton and then charge them with War Crimes. We must eliminate dead- beats like McCain ; who are afraid of a criminal like Obama. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HE SAID OBAMA IS NIT IMPEACHABLE BECAUSE HE IS SO POPULAR —THAT’S NONSENSE!! You don’t know something until you try. SO IMPEACH THEM. NOW. NOW. NOW. OR GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT NOW. NOW. NOW!!!!!!

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