John Boehner Expresses Contempt for Conservative Base

Obama and his ball boy, Boehner

Obama and his ball boy, Boehner

John Boehner says he has never violated conservative principles, but he is a Quisling and a cultural Marxist, who has collaborated with Obama, as Obama has trampled the Constitution and gone against American interests.  It is not so much about what he has done that violates conservative principles, but what he has not done. Boehner’s influence is a major reason why nothing has been done in the House of Representatives about Obama’s abuse of office.

His collaboration with Obama, tolerance of Obama’s many misdeeds and even outright crimes is a fundamental  and egregious violation of conservative principles. Watch him rant against conservatives in the video at the link above.  John Boehner must be voted out of office in the upcoming primaries. He has openly demonstrated now that he is not on our side. Boehner is far more hostile to conservatives than he has ever been toward his golf-pal, Obama.

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