Neighbors Threatens Dissident State Leads with Lawsuit

The following passage is reportedly being posted in the “Overpasses for America” FaceBook groups.  It evidently threatens dissident state leads and others with a lawsuit.  The state leads resigned recently over mishandling of donations by Neighbors. You can read the posts on this blog concerning the affair at this link:

Posts about the Neighbors Funds Misuse Scandal

The people that fed you the line of lies, smears, and openly acted to defame my character are going to be in for a rude surprise. Once I have the information necessary, I will be filing a lawsuit against them for damages they have done to Overpasses. So you can stay with the group who started this whole national phenomena, Overpasses, or you can believe the people who set themselves to destroy this movement. Patriots never surrender, never retreat, and treat people like that with disdain, disgust and contempt. Traitor is a word far too kind for those that have sought to destroy this movement. They have FAILED, and Overpasses will carry on without such treacherous people lurking in our midst.

(attributed to James Neighbors, Overpasses for America lead)

HISTORICAL SIDENOTE: James Neighbors did not actually start the movement single-handedly. There were two groups in Southern California, who had been doing such impeach Obama Overpass rallies since Inauguration Day, January 2013, several months before Neighbors appeared on the scene. These groups were “Stop Obama Now – San Diego” and “We the People, California’s Crusader” (Orange County). Neighbors copied our techniques and used the publicity generated by one of the demos in Carlsbad on June 8, 2013 to take the protests national. The demo had generated considerable controversy due to the adverse report of a local news website that the protest had caused a ten-mile “traffic snarl.”

‘Impeach Obama’ movement leads to protests, traffic jam

Neighbors helped promote the movement, but he is not actually the originator of it and does not have exclusive ownership rights to it, as he likes to lead people to believe. Free choice and competition is still good for everyone and is the American Way, not monopoly and total control by one person via threats and intimidation of others. Oppressive control and intimidation is actually what we are fighting against.

Impeach Obama Overpass Demos – How They Started

Please support all of the groups that are doing impeach-Obama overpass protests, including the new groups and especially your local groups. You can find a current list of impeach-Obama protest groups here:

Impeach Obama Now Coalition – Group Directory

Joining multiple groups ensures competition and survival of the movement, not the destruction of it.

51 thoughts on “Neighbors Threatens Dissident State Leads with Lawsuit”

    1. Indeed :/ Frivolous Law suits such as James is intending are just another way for an individual to raise personal wealth. He fails to realize. Once he fires a law shit. Others will fire back@@ With more then he can handle@ My best advice to Officer Neighbors is::: Pack it up buddy. MOVE!!! The teams to now occupy congress. Although it is a fun “publicity stunt” to stand on a dangerous bridge to raise funds for you. It is nothing more then a publicity stunt!@!@!@ It is a total waist of man power my patriotic neighbors. Re-deploy the people’s troops to Occupying Congress. Where it is less dangerous for them and they don’t need a permit from the department of transportation to occupy.

      1. Where can we upload the permit form for DOT? Which will cost you over $1,000.00 to get for each occupation… DOT wants to deploy a security team and cones for your safety on the bridges. I can understand DOT’s concern. If something falls off the bridge into on coming traffic. Someone can get seriously injured! And there was an instance in California where some dude threw a table off the overpass into traffic!!!

      2. No permit is necessary, if there is a public sidewalk on the overpass. We are not “occupying” the overpasses, but protesting on a public sidewalk. There was no known incident at overpass protests here in California, where a table was thrown off an overpass at one of our protests.

    1. Hi Dennis: Please tell us what happened to you that you are mad…… I have 28 people’s names that have contacted me with similar abuses that I myself have suffered. I want to add your story to the list. Thank you.

  1. Generally when one goes around slandering and threatening lawsuits all willy nilly it means they’ve done something wrong and are trying to compensate to try and fulfill their own need to believe everything is going to be okay. In this case, it really isn’t. Not even close. These are not the actions of a true leader, as I tried to explain to James last night only to be called a “troll” and then harassed by his tool of a #2. Won’t mention his name yet though. He’s just as guilty and a habitual liar at that. Beware this bunch.

  2. I’m waiting. I have a lot more documentation than what I’ve posted so far. I’ve not posted all of it because it would be like rubbing salt in an old wound. Keep pushing though and we will see what happens. Shall I start with the very first personal message you ever sent to me back in June when you asked me to help?
    James Neighbors

    The plan is simple… We organize locally for protests in each state.. Once the state groups are organized, we will have a nationwide protest, starting in the Eastern time zone at 730am, then each time zone will proceed at 730am, Central, Mountain, Pacific.

    Each group will be autonomous, and encouraged to have their own protests and rallies.. We will of course want to spread the word about Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment when anyone asks, especially the media.

    This isn’t some one guy gets the credit organization, nor something to pad anyone’s ego or pocketbook..

    Just We the People acting as a nation… E Pluribus Unum.. Out of many, one.
    Seems you have forgotten a few things since that message.

  3. James Neighbors hurt me, He told all the protesters I was a teabagger and crazy woman:( AND I am not the only person he hurt.

    1. To just play the moderator here, the Internet and dealing with all the different people on it can drive a person to distraction. Maybe James has just been too stressed out over the last few months. The point is, really, that this is too big for any one person to control and we need to enable local people as best we can to organize as they see fit and turn them loose.

      1. I cant link the photos of Neighbor’s abuse of me here as it would identify me. Lets just say this: If you don’t do what James Neighbor’s wants you to do. He orders his entire troll army to attack you on facebook. Your name is added to a hit list and a block list so your are unable to tell people your side of the story. He refrains your freedom of speech! Telling you if you want to talk freely. You may do so only in the forums at Very unbecoming behaviors coming from a police officer such as James Neighbors. I should sue him for libel and slander. Defamation of character and harassment seeking triple damages……

      2. Additionally: James is unable to recognize he can not own nor control a protest belonging to ‘the people” Impeach Obama is a nation wide protest of the people of this Republic. We are free to exercise as we see fit and not obey his Communist commands.

      3. James failed to tell the people DOT permits are necessary to occupy a public bridge@ Many of us were arrested for not having a permit. And when we asked Neighbors for legal aide. He tossed us under the bridge! To fend for ourselves.

      4. Permits are not necessary, if there is a public sidewalk on the overpass. If New Jersey is trying to require that, they are in the wrong.

      5. Furthermore, is not reimbursing us any of our expenses. In my opinion and the opinion of many others; They are keeping the funds for their own personal agenda’s. The funds are not being used to support the protesters. Therefore, we need to defund same for lack of support. This should be enough information for you all to do your own research. All of the above is my own opinions based on my experience with James Neighbors and and I dont care if u like my opinions or not. Respect my 1st! To say them….

      6. Jane, the 1st Amendment and the Bill of Rights only protects you from Government actions. There is no expectation of constitutionally-protected freedom of speech for a privately moderated website. You may not like it and it may not seem fair, but it is not a Constitutional issue. It’s a property rights issue. Just like you are allowed to throw people out of your home, if you don’t approve of them or what they are saying.

      7. Occupying overpasses is a total waist of our time!!! WE NEED TO OCCUPY CONGRESS!! So.. In closing. Pack it up on the overpasses and move to your Local Congressman and Senate offices is the way to get laws changed..————

      8. YES!!!!!!!!! “”The point is, really, that this is too big for any one person to control and we need to enable local people as best we can to organize as they see fit and turn them loose.”” Now… 11-7-13 Move the troops to occupy congress. IMPEACH OBAMA@@@

  4. Many have defended James saying he deserved the money because he worked hard. I am here to say that each person that replied here has worked their butt off and so many others that worked with OFA. My answer to that. James stated that the money would NOT be used for personal gain and Obama said if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it.
    Both misled Americans.

    1. Bottom line is we have to build our own groups and provide some competition. People need to advertise their own groups and let others know that Overpasses is not the only group doing protests. You don’t need national leadership to do overpass protests or other kinds of protests. I can provide a directory of groups on this page, but need to get the traffic up. I have to say that Jim actually helps build the traffic to this site, whenever he threatens to sue people and such as that.

      1. Bottom line is we have to build our own groups”” Glad to see everyone is finally catching up 🙂 see u there!

      2. I will put a link to this blog in the pinned post at the top. Where it is fixated. 🙂

      3. What is important to have at the “national” level is a one (or several) places on the Internet where people can come together to discuss strategy and it is also very important to have a directory of groups, so that new members can be referred down to local groups. This is not a huge task and that is the purpose of this site. It is not necessary that anyone “own” the movement at the national level. People at the national level should be volunteers, who help groups grow at lower levels. The name “Impeach Obama Now” is offered for anyone to use freely, if you want to use it for your own group. However, even if you use a different name, your group can be listed here, as long as it supports impeachment/removal as a main goal. It does not have to be specifically about overpass protests, though the overpass protests are expected to continue, because they are effective in reaching thousands of people.

    2. yes Dennis you’re right. We used our own cash for signs and banners and never received a dime towards any of it. I was being told that what a “grass roots” movement does. It just doesn’t seem fair that a donations page was set up but none of the money reached any of the admins, leaders, or members to help alleviate the cost of materials.

      1. I hear you Michelle! A grass roots moment does not have an administrator. It is absolutely ridiculous this cop thinks he can lay claim to a national movement. We all should know better then to do business with law enforcement. ?Have you yet learned your lesson?

      2. James is not a “cop.” He is a contract worker at a private prison, who has said he is not working at the moment due to an injury and worker’s compensation claim. However, he does seem to have brought that mentality of a prison guard to the overpasses effort.

  5. The donation page set up directly by Neighbors stated it was for the movement not to line pockets, personal benefit, etc. personal bills were paid with that money. He only came forward when he was caught and then that was only to a select few.

    1. In my opinion. Correct and needs to close dump James and reopen in a new name but I feel James used our funds to open and operate it. The admin is quite obviously attached but may be just an innocent that does not know the whole story. I want to request a copy of his books. Ya know? Public transparency? I feel, us people have a right to see the books….. I WANNA SEE THE BOOKS@!

      1. You don’t necessarily need a common name, though it helps to have a common name. You need at least a common directory, where people can find all the groups. A common directory is provided at this site and could be provided by other sites. However, “Impeach Obama Now” is offered as a name that people can use freely. It will not be copyrighted or trademarked. It is important that the movement not depend on one website, one person or even one group. The purpose of this website is to attempt to foster and enable many independent groups, working loosely together to expose and remove Obama from office. It should not be possible for one person or one small group of people to hold the movement hostage. A loosely-connected coalition of groups is the only kind of organization that will be unstoppable. Build your own group. We should help each other.

      2. I know pretty much the whole story. I helped him start the group and was one of the first banned from the group. But it was okay, because it motivated me to do something different. He has a right to do what he wants with the groups, though not sure he really has ownership rights to the state groups. We have the right to complain loudly about it, go elsewhere and do something else. Instead of me complaining so much about it, I am giving others a platform to do so.

        This may be a slow time now, as we head into the holidays and winter, but later on interest will go up again. So, organizers should be building their groups and preparing for the next stage.

  6. I left the movement about 2 months ago for personal family issues, and before any of this came to light. I wrote to James towards the end of June asking how I could get involved. He advised there wasn’t a page yet for my state so go ahead and start one. With that I became the Administrator for my state. I organized my first rally in 4 days, having never done anything political in my life. This endeavor wore heavy on me what with the amount of time spent online, organizing rallys, alerting the local police, radio and newspaper interviews, and dealing with so many people coming to me with questions and complaints. I had full intentions of returning to Overpasses until I heard about the “money”, and so many people breaking away. In less than 2 months, I had over 2000 members just from my state. It’s such a shame that it didn’t go as James had planned. And I am sorry that there has been so much animosity amongst the members. Overpasses was and is making a statement, although the way Obama works, I really don’t think that the movement could or will have an impact.

    1. Michelle – We will continue to spread the word and try to educate voters. The movement is NOT James Neighbors or any other individual it is the combined efforts of many concerned Americans. I do appreciate those that first came up with the idea of protesting on the overpasses and James idea of taking it across America. Stand-For-Liberty will continue on.

      1. The movement is NOT James Neighbors or any other individual it is the combined efforts of many concerned Americans” I AGREE AND WE WILL NOW MOVE FORWARD TO OCCUPYING CONGRESS. MOVE YOUR TEAMS, TOO. EVERY FRIDAY SAME TIME IN FRONT UR LOCAL CONGRESSMAN’S OFFICE

    2. I think the protests have already had a big impact in the sense there they have made it okay to speak out publicly that Obama should be removed.

  7. Michelle, you deserve a big thanks as do all of the other individuals that have made this movement work. It’s the combined effort of many individuals together that make up the movement. I recall the point when it took on a life of it’s own and no matter what happens that can never be taken away now.

  8. I cannot believe what I’m reading here.
    You willingly volunteered to work in an organization, but you expected reimbursement for your gas, labor and materials?
    Any Patriotic militia group is part of an all-volunteer, ad hoc, grassroots patriotic movement, on a shoe-string budget.
    — If you have an idea, please share it.
    — If you want to get it done, then do it.
    — We are an all-volunteer force and it only happens if you volunteer your time, labor and materials — at your expense.
    — You are not an employee, you are an individual person and personally responsible for your actions.

    1. Gerry, I don’t think they expected to be paid. They expected shared sacrifice, which didn’t happen as Neighbors promised when he was recruiting them.

  9. Jane Doe, Feel free to occupy congress. Feel free to form your own movement. Feel free to lead your groups and do it your way.

  10. No reimbursement was expected. It WAS fun until James screwed it up by taking money that wasn’t his for personal use. How can you fight corruption when you are dealing with it and staying with a group that thinks it’s ok to do themselves. Shameful!

    1. Neighbors does not “own” overpass protests and he is not totally responsible for its success or failure. Anyone can do these protests and people are themselves responsible for what they make out of it. If people quit, due to his screw-up, it’s more their fault than his fault.

      1. That seems to be the root of the problem. The group became too much about one person, and that grated on a lot of people. The misuse of funds was the trigger, but pressure had been building up for some time, already. There needs to be some choice, because otherwise, people will just drop out, if they are unhappy. We need to keep people involved, because sooner or later something is going to happen to make this thing take off again and go to a much higher level.

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