Obama to be in Dallas on Wednesday – Protest Time!

Obama will be at Temple Emanu-El on Wednesday, Address:

Temple Emanu-El
8500 Hillcrest Ave,
Dallas, TX 75225
Phone: (214) 706-0000

The Temple is at the corner of Hillcrest and West Northwest Highway (12) in University Park. He will also attend two fundraisers, not sure where or when.

CBS reports he will be at the temple in the late afternoon, but usually it is difficult to predict exactly when he will arrive. Β  Allow for 1-2 hours error in either direction. Personally, I would come at lunch time and wait for the Usurper to arrive, near were the media sets up.

President Obama To Thank Affordable Care Act Volunteers During Dallas Visit

In spite of what you may hear from people, who have never done it, you can generally get up close at these events. We have done them before, where his car passed within a few feet of the protesters. There will be a lot of media there covering the story. You can go right up front with the media and be ready to give them a sound bite for the news, just 1-2 short sentences about why he should be removed from office.

There appears to be ample parking at small shopping malls nearby and on side streets.

A large crowd of protesters is needed. Phoenix had hundreds when he last visited. Surely, Dallas can do at least as well. This is a rare opportunity. Don’t miss it!

This was the protest in Phoenix.

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