Rush Limbaugh Surrenders to King Obama

A big part of the reason there is little will to impeach, convict, remove and punish Obama is that these pompous entertainment figures, who pose as conservative commentators, care more about their huge paychecks than they care about the country. Limbaugh is just a shill for the Republican Party and the last thing the collaborationist quisling Republican establishment wants to have to do is impeach Obama.

Fat, comfortable, soft people like Rush Limbaugh once told the Founders that it is impossible to defeat the British, then the most powerful nation on earth. To deal with Obama, you first have to deal with these defeatists, who claim to be conservative patriots and keep telling Americans that they cannot win and that our time is past.

(MSNBC) While some Republicans may dream of it, President Barack Obama will never be impeached, according to Rush Limbaugh.

“There isn’t going to be any impeachment because there isn’t any political will. Even if you had a slam dunk legal case for it, you’re never going to succeed in impeaching the president unless there’s the political will for it,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Thursday in a segment noted by Buzzfeed.

“That would require Obama’s approval numbers in the 20′s,” he said. “And even then I’m not so sure that the people of this country would ever support removing the first black president. It’s just – it’s never going to happen.”

From WND: Limbaugh: Obama impeachment impossible

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