Dr. Corsi Discusses Plans For Trump Military ‘Coup’ And Tribunals

Dr. Jerome Corsi Discuses plans for a “legitimate coup” by Trump and setting up military tribunals for “traitors”, such as Hilary Clinton and Obama. He implies that they could be executed for a “capital crime”.

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Judging from what Corsi says, he made this speech shortly before or during the first impeachment of Trump in 2019. I assume that because he is assuring people that Trump will not be removed. He says, that Trump planned a legitimate military coup in coordination with the military.

In addition, Corsi says that Qanon is military intelligence and is very close to Trump. I can well believe that Trump is close to Qanon, but I would not believe that such a thing as Qanon is connected to military intelligence or has anything to do officially with the military.

Why I Owe No Loyalty To Trump

One Trumper accused me recently of being disloyal to Trump, but I never swore an oath of loyalty to Trump. However, I did swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution when I worked for the DoD. Trump is just another corruptible man. I supported him when he did something that I thought was right. I do not support him when he does something wrong. Im my opinion, he was wrong from the beginning to politicize the post-election process.

If you have a grievance, you have to use the legal process, whether you think the results were fair, or not. Even murderers go free in our legal system, if there is not enough evidence to convict them. However, in the states in question, it was Republican legislatures who approved the election results. It was Trump-dominated Supreme Court that threw out his lawsuits. So, I do not think it is legitimate to claim he was not heard. They heard his lies and propaganda only too well.

It was an illegal and unconstitutional path that Trump took, when he decided to undermine confidence in the election system and that he would raise a mob to intimidate Congress under the threat of violence in the hopes of overturning the election. I cannot support a person, who thinks he is above the law and the Constitution.

In my opinion, Trump is a pathologically narcissistic liar, a cheat and a propagandist. It does not matter if the Democrats, Black Lives Matter or antifa have also done things that are wrong or even worse. A pox on both their houses. Unless you want to descend into anarchy, chaos and mob rule, you have to support the constitutional system, not the man.

Patriotism is about supporting the system that the Founders blessed us with a quarter of a millennium ago. It is not about absolute loyalty to one very imperfect and pathologically egotistical man of today and putting him above the law and the Constitution.

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Dr. Corsi Discusses Plans For Trump Military ‘Coup’ And Tribunals

Trump-Cult, Qanon, Mass-Brainwash Video For Inauguration Day

A Trump-cult, brainwashing film promoting the concepts of Qanon implies that Trump still has a plan for Inauguration Day, 2021.

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Trump-Cult, Qanon, Mass-Brainwash Video For Inauguration Day – Bitchute

Trump Cult Video

Trump Mock Hanging In Chicano Park At Rep Vargas Event

Trump was hanged in Effigy at Chicano Park in San Diego when Congressman Vargas and local politicians were having a media conference in protest of his visit. Congressman Juan Vargas and his Raza cohort, Council-member Georgette Gomez, declared Trump to be “NOT WELCOME!” at Chicano Park, the day before he viewed the Border Wall prototypes on 3/13/2018. They are both running for Congress in 2020. Vargas is running for re-election in CA-51 and Gomez is running for a vacate position in CA-53. There was also a mock hanging of Trump performed at the event as they were speaking, Chicano Park is a subversive, anti-American, public park in San Diego that promotes Chicano racial nationalism and communism using local, state and federal tax money for the last several decades.

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Chicano Park and Raza Supremacy

Street Preacher Rubin Israel Confronts Trump Haters in San Diego

This video is from May 27,2016, when Trump came to town. A street preacher, Ruben Israel, took on a mob of rabid Trump-haters.

Rubin has also been banned by YouTube.

This is Rubin Israel’s Facebook page.

Rubin Israel is probably best know for his street preaching at a Islamic festival in Dearborn, Michigan and being “stoned” by the Muslim participants at the festival.