Obama’s ‘Church’ Preaches White Genocide

Genocidal South African Farm Murders
Motivated by Black Nationalism

It is totally absurd for Obama to lecture the Nation about racism and hate. The Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s own former church for 20 years in Chicago is a cult doctrine which is not only racist, but actually sanctions white genocide, destruction of American democracy and destruction of the traditional Christian church. The doctrine states that all whites are collectively guilty, white oppressors must “cease to be” and equates white society to the Antichrist, calling whites the “symbol of depravity” and the “enemy of mankind.” These are genocidal religious concepts, which mean that white society is too evil to exist. Black Liberation Theology is the doctrine of Obama’s church in Chicago, Trinity United Church of Christ, which was also Oprah Winfrey’s church for many years. Jeremiah Wright openly declared this on national television in an interview by Sean Hannity (see video).

Black Nationalism and the related Black Consciousness movement has been a major influence in the ethnic cleansing and genocidal actions of recent years against whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe, for example. This is not to say that Obama will carry out a genocide, himself. Obama may appear harmless, like his idol Nelson Mandela, but he can make it possible for others as Mandela did. Mandela actually started the terrorist wing of the African National Congress, but was never held responsible for the hundreds of people they killed in terrorist attacks in South Africa.

A typical American reader may not see it this way, however, black nationalists and like-minded movements see the American relationship to the world as being being similar to the relationship of the Apartheid regime to the black South African population. That is America is the oppressor of the world’s non-while, third-world nations and America’s power must be destroyed in order to liberate the oppressed non-white races.

The point is that a president, who belonged to such a group, is unfit for office. We should not have to read a president’s mind to know what his intentions are, though membership in such a group is already a valid indication of his intentions. Belonging to such a perverse group should have disqualified him for the presidency from the beginning.


The New Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam and Obama’s Trinity Church in Chicago and other such groups are all part of the greater Black Nationalist movement and all share the same basic, genocidal, cult-like religious belief about the destruction of whites and America, as you will see in the quotes provided below from the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology. Obama’s pseudo-Christian sect was designed to spread the concepts of Black Nationalism among black churches and to attract black professionals to the black nationalist mass movement that began nearly a century ago with Marcus Garvey. Garvey meet with the Ku Klux Klan and mandated that black supremacist groups should emulate white supremacist groups, such as the KKK and Nazis. Garvey was known as the prophet of black nationalism and prophesied that the black race would some day produce their own “Adolf Hitler.”

Black Liberation Theology is Nazi-like in it’s racial concept, as is the broader black nationalist movement. However, it can also be considered to be compatible with cultural Marxism, because cultural Marxism includes not just class warfare, but racial and other types of conflict as well. Cultural Marxism influenced the development of the doctrine.

Because it is meant to appeal to a more sophisticated segment of black society, adherents of Black Liberation Theology are less overt in the racist beliefs that all of these black identity sects share. However, the racism is well-documented in their own literature, which is readily available to anyone via the normal book retailers.

Malik Zulu Shabazz, Chairman of the New Black Panthers,
Off-shoot of the Nation of Islam (NOI)

Khalid Muhammad was a minister for the NOI and, at one time, the spokesman. He was banned from the NOI for being too explicit in this speech about genocidal theology of the NOI. He founded he New Black Panther Party.

Khalid Muhammad (NOI Spokesman) calls for White Genocide

Watch on Bitchute

It is ridiculous to suggest that Barack Obama did not know exactly what the basic doctrine of his church is. Jeremiah Wright preached that doctrine every week, not just one time, and he did not teach traditional Christianity at all in that “church.” James H. Cone, who wrote the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology, called Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago the best example of a church that follows his doctrine. Obama called wright his “spiritual adviser.”

This esoteric doctrine of hate was often preached using allegory and symbolism, so that outsiders do not immediately understand what it is about. “Esoteric” here means that it is a doctrine that is designed to be fully understood by a limited, inner circle of initiates and not by all of the membership or the wider public. However, one can understand what the church is about just by a reading of their own literature of Black Liberation Theology, mentioned above, and the books on black nationalism, in general, for example those written by Elijah Muhammad, the prophet of the Nation of Islam.

The same vocabulary of traditional Christianity is sometimes used with a very different meaning. Such as the Ezekiel-bones passage of the Bible, which to Black Nationalists represents the re-awakening and rise of the black man. However, the basic concepts are clearly written in certain passages of their own literature. A few examples are quoted towards the end of this note. The fundamental doctrine is that the white race, America and the traditional Christian church together represent the ultimate evil in the world and must be destroyed to liberate the world from white oppression.

When Jeremiah Wright preached “God damn America”, he was not just expressing his own personal opinion, but one of the three basic tenets of Black Liberation Theology and there is no real doubt that his best student, Barack Obama, understood very well the doctrine of this perverse church. Obama is certainly fully aware of the hateful details of this racist doctrine and it is also fairly obvious to anyone, who pays attention, that his perverse religious beliefs are often driving his policies and public statements.

Obama’s childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, also referred to a basic belief of Black Liberation Theology, when he published his poem “Christ is a Dixie Nigger” in 1937. This was two decades before Cone wrote the foundation books in the 1960’s, but the concepts of of a “Christian” version of black nationalism existed long before Cone canonized the cult religious belief. It is the idea that they black race is divine and the white race is the ultimate evil in the world, i.e. the Devil incarnate. Davis taught Obama these (genocidal) concepts long before he ever met Jeremiah Wright.

Farrakhan: White Race is a Race of Devils

The New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam, pseudo-Christian churches with doctrines based on Black Liberation Theology, the Black Hebrews and other black identity groups are all part of a broader, black nationalist movement and have common fundamental anti-American and anti-white beliefs, no matter what religion they use as a front for these beliefs.

The roots of these groups are all in the black esoteric religious tradition of America and the black Caribbean that stretches back to African native religions, but includes aspects of European and American occult religious movements. This black tradition was inspired by the slave rebellions of the Maroons, the Nat Turner massacre, the Denmark Vesey conspiracy to slaughter whites in South Carolina, the genocidal massacre of 3-5k whites during the Haiti rebellion of 1804 and other such slave uprisings. It is a revolutionary black religious movement, based on hatred of America, hatred of the white race and hatred of the traditional Christian church.

Woodcut illustrating the Nat Turner Massacre of 56 Whites in Virginia (1831)
Woodcut illustrating the Nat Turner
Massacre of 56 Whites in Virginia (1831)
Haiti Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in 1804
Haiti Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in 1804

The co-founder of the Nation of Islam, Fard Muhammad, mandated in the 1930’s that each member sacrifice four whites. This is documented in an article in the American Journal of Sociology in 1937. There have been several cases in which this mandate was acted out, most notably in the Zebra Killings of 1973-74 in San Francisco and the Yahweh ben Yahweh serial murders in the 1980’s in Miami. The DC sniper, who was a Black Nationalist, was no doubt also influenced by such teachings of Fard Muhammad to kill whites and other non-believers in his attempt in 2002 to start an apocalyptic uprising against America and the white man.

It is extremely dangerous to have a man as commander-in-chief, who has been a member of such a cult of racial hatred and has never admitted nor repudiated this hateful doctrine or even been directly questioned about it. Obama distanced himself from Jeremiah Wright, but never admitted the hateful character of Black Liberation Theology or rejected it. The media and the politicians of America failed terribly in their duty to vet Obama when he was a candidate for president. In fact, it has not been just a failure to vet Obama, but a willful refusal to vet Obama and an active coverup of any embarrassing details about Obama’s background.


The Merriam dictionary gives the definition of “genocide” as the following.

“the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

From the quotes below, you can see that the religious concept of Obama’s racist sect in Chicago is genocidal in all three ways, it advocates destruction of the white race as a society, America (a political entity) and the traditional church (a cultural group). This is the version of “Christianity,” in which Obama professes so fervently to believe.

Quotes from “Black Theology and Black Power” by James H. Cone (1969)

I believe that all aspiring black intellectuals share the task that LeRoi Jones has described for the black artist in America: “To aid in the destruction of America as he knows it:” (page 3)

And it should be said that racism is so embedded in the heart of American society that few, if any, whites can free themselves from it. (page 23)

In time of war, men want to know who the enemy is. Who is for me and who is against me? That is the question. The asserting of black freedom in America has always meant war. (page 26)

…violence may be the black man’s expression, sometimes the only possible expression, of Christian love to the white oppressor. (page 55)

If there is any contemporary meaning of the Antichrist (or “the principalities and powers”), the white church seems to be a manifestation of it. It is the enemy of Christ. (page 73)

Just as the black revolution means the death of America as it has been, so it requires the death of the Church in its familiar patterns. (page 116)

If the doctrine is against or indifferent to the essence of blackness as expressed in Black Power, then it is the work of the Antichrist:” It is as simple as that. (page 121)

It is a theology which confronts white society as the racist Antichrist, communicating to the oppressor that nothing will be spared in the fight for freedom. (page 135)

Whiteness, as revealed in the history of America, is the expression of what is wrong with man. It is a symbol of man’s depravity. (page 150)

In a white racist society, Christian obedience can only mean being obedient to blackness, its glorification and exaltation. (page 150)

It is this fact that makes all white churches anti-Christian in their essence. To be Christian is to be one of those whom God has chosen. God has chosen black people! (page 151)

Quotes from “A Black Theology of Liberation” by James H. Cone (1970)

With the assurance that God is on our side, we can begin to make ready for the inevitable-the decisive encounter between black and white existence. ….We will not let whitey cool this one with his pious love ethic but will seek to enhance our hostility, bringing it to its full manifestation. (Page 12)

To be black is to be committed to destroying everything this country loves and adores. (Page 20)

The black experience is the feeling one has when attacking the enemy of black humanity by throwing a Molotov cocktail into a white-owned building and watching it go up in flames. (Page 25)

Every time a white master came to his death, blacks believed that it was the work of God inflicting just judgment in recompense for the suffering of God’s people. (Page 37)

As the oppressed now recognize their situation in the light of God’s revelation, they know that they should have killed their oppressors instead of trying to “love” them. (Page 51)

Because whiteness by its very nature is against blackness, the black prophet is a prophet of national doom. He proclaims the end of the “American Way,” for God has stirred the soul of the black community. (Page 55)

It (Black theology) must stay in the black community and get down to the real issues at hand (“cutting throats” to use LeRoi Jones’s phrase) (Page 59)

The goal of black theology is the destruction of everything white… (page 62)

What we need is the divine love; as expressed in black power, which is the power of blacks to destroy their oppressors, here and now, by any means at their disposal. (Page 70)

The free person in America is the one who does not tolerate whiteness but fights against it, knowing that it is the source of human misery. (page 101)

Freedom is the black movement of a people getting ready to liberate itself, knowing that it cannot be unless its oppressors cease to be. (page 101)

The Constitution is white, the Emancipation Proclamation is white, the government is white, business is white, the unions are white. What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world. (page 107)

The black Christ is he who threatens the structure of evil as seen in white society, rebelling against it, thereby becoming the embodiment of what the black community knows that it must become. (page 121)

The black Christ is he who nourishes the rebellious impulse in blacks so that at the appointed time the black community can respond collectively to the white community as a corporate “bad nigger,” lashing out at the enemy of human-kind. (page 121)

To be a disciple of the black Christ is to become black with him. Looting, burning, or the destruction of white property are not primary concerns. Such matters can only be decided by the oppressed themselves who are seeking to develop their images of the black Christ. (page 123)

To verify the above quotes and see the context, these books are available from Amazon and other retail book sellers. Click the links below to order from Amazon. These quotes are also by no means exhaustive. There are many more such racist passages in Cone’s tomes of genocidal hatred. The central theme of these books is racial hatred of white society and America, seen as the demonic tool of white oppression of the world.

Black Theology and Black Power by James H. Cone

A Black Theology of Liberation by James H. Cone

To view a webpage with much more extensive quotes and page numbers from the books on Black Liberation Theology click here.


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  1. Multiculturalism and diversity are code for White Genocide. People are so dumbed down, they can’t see that “white” is not the same as jewish. Jews have been reducing the number of whites since the beginning of recorded history. AT one point, whites made up 37% of the world…today they are at 9% and falling. The world is suffering from Zionism and jewish Supremacy, financially, economically and socially. Who controls the media narrative? Newspapers?

    Communism is the enemy of liberty and it is currently sitting in the oval office. Obama is a marxist….Benjamin Friedman, Congressman McFadden, Congressman Traficant, McDonald, Sen. McCarthy, General Patton, Charles Lindberg, and thousands of others have warned us of this threat, only to be ignored.

    We fought on the wrong side of WW1 and WW2. We fought for Zionism and Communism.
    After WW2, the Rockefeller Foundation/Carnegie were put in charge of recording our history. Really? They funded Mao, Lenin, Trotsky, the Stalin…which they were responsible for killing tens of millions of Christians. Jewish controlled Truman, was told by his White House aide Clark Clifford that he would lose his 1948 election bid for his 2nd term in office unless he immediately recognized the Jewish state upon their declaration of Statehood. Already in 1945 in a meeting with Middle East American diplomats who pleaded with Truman not to heed Zionist urgings, Truman said:
    — “I’m sorry gentlemen but I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism. I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents” — Here. And although Secretary of State General George Marshall opposed recognition of Israel warning Truman that recognition would lead to untold troubles in the future, Truman considered “votes” more important than America’s best interests. Speaking of the war criminal Truman…did you know that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were both Christian cities and had nothing to do with the war?

    The sociopathic jews hide behind “White” when it comes to taking credit…the Black African Slave Trade, South American Sugar Trade…these events were jewish led events. And while we’re at it…the Holocaust was completely fabricated, no different then 911, WACO, OKBombing and thousands of events blamed on whites and terrorism…all fake, social engineering at best. The NWO should really be called the Jew World Order. Learn who controls the money, weapons, drugs, media, everything…jews can be traced to almost every terrorist attack in modern times.

    “We intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed, not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.
    Even if reason tells us, even shouts with all its force the very absurdity of this confrontation between the small and insignificant people of Israel [i.e., all Jewry worldwide, not just “the State of Israel”] and the rest of humanity… as absurd, as incoherent and as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations ~ and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities.” ~ Yitzhak Attia, Israel Magazine, April 2003

    “We hate Christianity and the Christians. Even the best amongst them must be considered as our worst enemies. … Down with love of our neighbours. What we need is hatred. We must learn to hate: this is they way in which we will conquer the world.”
    USSR’s 1933 New Anti-Religious Manual in Hill, Kent R. The Puzzle of the Soviet Church: An Inside Look at Christianity & Glasnost. Multnomah Press, Oregon. 1989, page 92.

    If people want to learn who is behind the world’s destruction….watch Dennis Wise’s
    NWO Communism by the Back Door.

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