New “Devil’s Caravan” To Be Launched This Friday (1/31/2020)

A new caravan of fake refugees is planned to start in El Salvador on January 31, 2020. The last caravan was repulsed the Mexican National Guard and many deported to their beloved homelands in Central America. Some of those, who were deported vow to join the new caravan and are calling it the “Devil’s Caravan” (Caravana del Diablo).   It will be interesting to see,  whether the recent National Guard action will discourage such future caravans.

As a propaganda tactic, some have been calling the caravans the “Via Crucis Migrante”, the Migrant Way of the Cross. This new name, Devil’s Caravan, reflects much better the real intent of the caravans.

The fake refugee caravans have much influenced by liberation theology and pagan religious traditions of the Mayas and Aztecs, both of which are diabolical.  Some of the organizers are also progressive, Alinsky-style organizers.  Saul Alinsky, of course, openly acknowledged “Lucifer” as the source of inspiration for his organizing methods.  This is not an attempt to promote religious fundamentalism, just pointing to apparent inspirations and motivations of the caravan organizers.


They display the Honduran flag, because they are marching against the US, which they see as the oppressor of Honduras.  They are not marching in support of the US.

Revolutionary liberation theology has a long history in central America and it’s asserting its influence once again in the caravan movement, which is revolutionary in nature, not a real refugee movement seeking relief.  Some of the caravaners may really be suffering, whether they would qualify as refugees or not, but they are also being used by political radicals as a battering ram to further a revolutionary agenda.  The great majority do not qualify as “refugees” and most of them do not even claim to be refugees according to our law. Most of them say they are coming to work and to improve their living standard, but these are not qualifications for obtaining asylum by law.

The fake refugees have pretty much worn out their welcome in Mexico. You can go to the original post and see the many sarcastic comments from Mexicans, here. Click on “see translation” under the comment to read in English.  You can also search for the “Caravana Migrante” page on Facebook.

Hondurans do not willingly eat beans and some of the refugees are notorious for their feelings of entitlement and ungratefully complaining about the food given to them to eat in Mexico.

In recent weeks with United Nations support, huge refugee shelters have just been completed very in population centers south of the border all along the border.  This is thought to also be an incentive for the fake refugees to start coming again.  Many thousands of them can be well housed, fed and receive medical aid now until they find a way to cross the border.

Here is video of the last Caravan of January 15, being actively disrupted by the National Guard.  The bulk of them were eventually turned back.  Some may have continued north individually or in small groups.


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UN Pressures Mexico To Stop Deporting Fake Refugees

The United Nations is asking Mexico to stop deporting fake refugees and thus allow the caravans to proceed to the US border. This Article is by Univision. The original article in Spanish is at this link. The Google translation with minor corrections follows. See videos of the soldiers intercepting the caravan at the bottom.

UN asks Mexico not to deport Central American migrants who can be persecuted in their home countries

This week marked by the confusion, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised jobs for some 4,000 migrants but then began deporting Hondurans trying to reach Mexico or cross the country to reach US soil.

The United Nations asked Mexico on Friday not to deport those Central American migrants who may be persecuted in their countries or close the doors to an asylum process, while expressing concern about the impact that the operation may have had on children, deployed the day before by the National Guard to stop the passage of the caravan.

A robust contingent of security agents from the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador once again resorted to the use of tear gas on Thursday to curb the journey of some 800 migrants who managed to cross into Mexican territory along the river Suchiate, which separates western Guatemala from southern Mexico.

National Guard troops had already done so previously in the week, which generated confusion because initially AMLO had promised jobs for some 4,000 migrants, but his government deported just days later the first group of Hondurans from the migrant caravan that sought to cross into Mexico.

After that, the Human Rights and Refugee offices jointly asked the Mexican government to ‘preserve the unity of families and ensure the non-return of those who face risks of persecution and access to the asylum procedure. The agencies reiterate their commitment of supporting the government of Mexico in those goals’.

They also expressed ‘concern about the impact that the immigration control operation of yesterday (Thursday) had on children and vulnerable people. Mexico has the right to control the entry of foreigners provided there is no excessive use of force.’

Mexico, according to Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, has deported or plans to send back about 1,100 Hondurans who, according to him, decided to do so by their own decision. Others have requested shelter or requested temporary employment permits, he added.

The situation of this caravan of migrants foretold that it would be tense last weekend, when according to the AP agency there were about 2,000 migrants in the city of Tecún Umán, on the Guatemalan side, and a large contingent of agents of the National Guard in Ciudad Hidalgo, on the Mexican side.

Mexico has sought to prevent the passage of these migrants through its territory amid pressure from the government of President Donald Trump to reduce the flow of migration on its border. In this context, some migrants have debated between crossing illegally as soon as possible, waiting for more to arrive or crossing the river in smaller groups.

Dramatic footage of Mexican military halting fake refugee caravan bound for the American border after they crossed into Mexico near Tapachula, Chiapas.

Another view of the same event.

Elements of the National Guard surrounded migrants who were met at a point on the road between Ciudad Hidalgo and Tapachula, in Chiapas.

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Antifa Gets Violent at Fake Refugee Site in Tijuana

On June 14th, 2019 a few days after Trump’s agreement with Mexico was announced, I went to the Mexican side of the pedestrian border crossing, called “El Chaparral” or PedWest, and was attacked by “Al Otro Lado”. This is where those, who want to claim asylum, wait for their number to be called for a credible fear interview. There were a couple hundred people there. On this day, there seems to be a lot more Africans than in the past and fewer Central Americans. This may be significant in that maybe fewer caravaners are reporting here already. I was attacked by two members of the extreme leftist group, because they did not like me taking their video and had to pepper spray them. Al Otra Lado (to the other side) encourages and aids people getting into the US illegitimately via manipulation of the asylum system. They have been reported to be anti-fa in plain clothes. The male, who spit on me and attacked me is named, Mitchell Verter.

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Mitchell Verter and Feral Girl

Why Does The Migrant Caravan Use The Star Of David?

Caravan Star of David
The new Jews?
The Star of David is the symbol of God’s chosen people. It has been displayed in the vehicles and in the banners of the migrant caravan of October, 2018. It is not just the traditional Jews that use this emblem, but other religious sects as well, who self-identify as the real Jews or the lost tribes of Israel. The concept has been the basis of a number of supremacist cults. The caravanners may be using the symbol for the same reason some of these other non-Jewish groups use it.

In this case it could be an innocent, superficial usage of the symbol and analogy to the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. However, religious and quasi-religious belief has always been historically the most powerful motivators of mass movements and the caravanners should be examined for any similar manic, cult-like religious belief that may drive some of them. This post is just presented as food for thought.

The story of the Exodus from Egypt turns into a story of conquest. The Israelites conquered Jericho and the land of the Canaanites and slaughtered the inhabitants. Gnostic occult belief holds that the stories of the Bible are a template and can be reproduced in any era and that even any man can become a “Christ”. It is a theology for maniacs. Supremacist racist cults can be categorized as based on gnostic occult beliefs.

Caravan banner at encampment in Tijuana

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is the name of the principle nonprofit organizing and funding the Caravan. Pueblo can mean “town”, but is also has a meaning of people, ethnic group or nations. The meaning of “ethnic group” or “nation” makes more sense in this context. That is “Pueblo sin Fronteras” apparently refers to a hispanic, brown people (or brown nation), who does not recognize borders in the Americas.

Caravan banner at encampment in Tijuana

The caravans out of Central America have been described as a “mass exodus” in the literature of Pueblos Sin Fronteras. Politicians and the media have also described the caravans as an “exodus” and the caravan members as “Jews”. Adversaries of the caravans have been compared to “Nazis” and “Children of the Devil”(see link below).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares migrants at US border to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany

Document describing the migration as a mass “exodus”

There are cultic groups that teach that the mixed-race (mestizo) peoples in the Americas are the heirs of the indigenous people and they have absolute rights to all of the lands in both of the American continents and they should be able to migrant anywhere they want, in the lands where the European is, in their opinion, an occupier. The Caravanners have been claiming that they have an absolute right to migrate to the United States, regardless of American law.

Star of David painted on a caravan truck

One of the caravaners, who seemed to be kind of a preacher, climbed to the top of the border fence during a demonstration when the first vanguard arrived and denounced the Border Patrol from his perch as the “children of the devil”.


A number of racial nationalist groups — white, brown and black — often see themselves as the real Jews, the lost tribes of Israel, divine or the Chosen People. Another group is typically identified as the enemy, the ultimate evil or even literally the devil incarnate or the Antichrist. With the caravanners, the Americans or the American system could be assigned this role.

Examples are British Israelism, which is considered a Nazi-like, white supremacist doctrine and the American offshoot of British Israelism, the Christian Identity movement. The Jews are the “Antichrist” in their scenario.

Literature of British Israelism

The Mormon Church taught that the American Indians and the polynesians are the lost tribes of Israel.

Jose Vasconcelos developed a theory in the 1920’s of supremacy of the hispanic mestizo “race” (La Raza) that has been very influential in latin-American society.

Some black nationalist religious sects, such as most notably the Black Hebrew Israelites and other related black nationalist groups, also have a belief that they are the lost tribes of Israel.

Black Hebrew Israelites display Star of David

At least some Black Hebrew Israelites have been trying to evangelize the Central Americans and convince them that they are the lost Hebrew Israelite tribe of Zebulon.

Las 12 Tribus De Israel: La Tribu De Zabulon (LOS CENTRO-AMERICANOS)
The 12 Tribes of Israel: The Tribe of Zabulon (The Central Americans)

Such black nationalist groups often have a apocalyptic belief that the white man will be enslaved, white society destroyed or whites even exterminated in the impending end times.

I do not believe in racial nationalism of any kind. My purpose in writing about black and brown racial nationalism is not to promote white racial nationalism or condemn any race as a group, but just to inform people that black and brown cultic groups exist, who have the same kinds of belief as white racial nationalists. Such beliefs can become very strong motivators of large masses of people. (See Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s).

Often pagan concepts are also mixed in these beliefs. Actually, racial nationalism is, itself, a pagan tribal idea, which sometimes has been disguised and presented as a Christian doctrine.