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Obama Compares Himself To Jesus Christ At Christmas Event

Pathological narcissism is endemic to politicians and cult leaders. A characteristic of extreme Narcissism is that the person believes he has a special relationship with God, that he has a divine mission is a prophet of God or is actually … Continue reading

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Obama’s Psychopathic Narcissism (Megalomania)

This is a short overview of Narcissism and why some say Obama is an extreme Narcissist or pathological Narcissist, also called an egomaniac or a megalomaniac. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is is the psychological disorder of cult leaders and megalomaniac … Continue reading

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Obama & Hitler Messiah Worship Compared

In this clip messiah-worship of Hitler and Obama are compared. Self-worship is an occult doctrine and is an aspect of what has historically been called Luciferianism. Hitler actually imposed a doctrine, called Positive Christianity, on the evangelical churches of the … Continue reading

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